How To Start A Drinking Water Business In Kenya Successfully

How To Start A Drinking Water Business In Kenya Successfully

Water being among the basic part of life calls upon formation of water bottling companies in  Kenya. Starting a water distribution business specifically in dry areas in Kenya will help you save lives as well as earning more profit.

You can as well specialize in water refilling business in Kenya which is also a good business opportunity that requires minimum capital.

Water bottling companies in Kenya such as Dasani have really played a vital role in ensuring ceremonies such as weddings have plenty of water.

Besides, bottle waters help majority while travelling across the country due to its portability.

I want to show you how to start a drinking water business in Kenya using the minimum capital possible:

1. Write a strategic water bottling business plan that will help you achieve the best.

2. Select a strategic position where you will set up your drinking water business.

3. Apply for your business permit and licenses.

4. Rent a space or you can as well use your home place.

5. Buy the necessary equipment such as bottles of various sizes.

6. Buy the means of transport that will be distributing  the water to various places.

7. Market your business to have more customers.

Success in your drinking water business.

Wholesale Prices Of Bottled Water In Kenya

Water Bottlers Association of Kenya hints that wholesaler buying from bottlers for resale will now purchase a case of 24 bottles, 500ml each, at between KSh480 and KSh500, up from KSh300 previously.

At Sh15 each (wholesale price), you can actually buy 14,666 bottles of 300ml which you can distribute at Sh17 per bottle and make an extra Sh2 per bottle as a wholesaler.

Retail prices for 300ml starts from Ksh. 20 to Ksh. 30 on average depending on where you are selling. On the other hand, 500ml bottle water normally goes for an average of Ksh.50.

Is bottle water business profitable in Kenya? Yes. Bottle water is highly profitable since the demand for water is ever ready. Besides, selling more bottle water on retail can give you more money each day.

Cost To Start A Water Bottling Company

Maybe you are wondering how much does it cost to start a water bottling company in Kenya? The cost of starting a water bottling company in Kenya ranges from Ksh.300,000 to a maximum of a larger value of your choice.

You have to budget this capital well in order to buy a mineral water machine in Kenya.

Besides, water purification machine is needed because of dirty water that is obtained from rivers or lakes.

Water purification machine price in Kenya is averagely Ksh.120,000. You can as well get cheaper water purification machines by buying a second hand.

KEBS Regulations On Bottled Water

To comply with Kenya Bureau Standards ensures you meet the following:

1. Have the legal documents such as Public Health Certificate, Commercial use of municipal water in your company.

2. Have a clear mechanism that deals with clients complaints.

3. Provide the windows with screen to prevent flies.

4. Provide protective clothing for your staff.

5. Engaging qualified personnel to ensure quality water is bottled.

6. Have evidence of plant cleaning and maintenance.


Spark your entrepreneurial spirit of starting a drinking water business in Kenya and achieve the best returns. Besides, have strategies to cushion your investment risks.

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