How To Start A House help Bureau In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A House help Bureau In Kenya Easily For Profits

House helps play a very great role in terms of chores. A lot of people do not find time to do some of the house chores due to some reasons.

Some people go to work early mornings and come back during late nights and are too tired to do house chores. Others has small kids to be looked after.

Hence the need to have househelps popularly known as maids. Thus, it is evident that starting a maid agency business in Kenya is highly profitable to venture in.

This is a step by step guide on how to start a house help bureau in Kenya:

Step 1. Obtain a Business License

Legalize your business to be on the safe side of the law. Get a certificate and a license for your company.

Step 2. Conduct Research

Your study will also help you figure out where to get maids and how to find those who need them. You’ll also learn about market prices and how to pay your housekeeper.

Step 3. Find Maids to Hire.

It’s critical not to be lured to hire maids who are under the age of 18. It may be less expensive and easier, but you risk being arrested for breaching the law.

Make sure you hire maids who can read and write, as well as those who are neat, mature, and eager to work.

Step 4. Screen Your Househelps

Because you’ll be allocating your maids to various places where they’ll most likely be, they must be trustworthy individuals. You may damage your business if you hire the wrong maid.

As an example, one of your screening criteria may be: good medical and health status, no criminal records, be of legal age, be able to do household duties, read and write, and be hardworking

Step 5. Market Your New Business

Although some firms demand less aggressive marketing abilities, others may require you to be constantly on the go in order to attract new customers.

When you own a maid service business, you have to go out of your way to attract additional clients.

Step 6. Gather Feedback and Evaluate Your Performance.

Even if your clients are dissatisfied with the services provided by the maid you assign to them, the likelihood that they will not complain is great.

You may forget about getting suggested if such clients aren’t happy. You may need to reassign certain maids in some situations.

Step 7. Make Payment Arrangements

Since the maids hired by your agency on behalf of your clients will no longer be working in your office, it’s critical to figure out how they’ll be paid and how you’ll be paid by your clients.

The ideal way is to make sure that all of the maids working under your supervision create a bank account or use Mpesa, and that you set a deadline for when their accounts must be credited.

Househelp Bureau Business Plan

As a maid startup, a business plan is a very important tool in running any type of business. Without the business plan, there might be a lot of cases of confusion and poor planning.

A maid agency business plan may however have the following contents; name of the business, number of employees, the amount of capital required, calculations of profits among others.

Starting A Househelp Training

How to start a maid training company require business registration, sourcing for the maids, training them and assigning them to an employer if possible. The more clients love your trained maids, the more your business grow.

Key area to train your househelp is cleaning. For commercial purposes, you may need to get an overview of a sample business plan for commercial cleaning services.

Business proposal for cleaning services has some main elements. These elements are; financial details, market analysis data, an executive summary and a detailed company description.

I believe that you got all the answers according to the questions you were looking for.

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