How To Start A Recycling Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

How To Start A Recycling Business In Kenya Easily & Succeed

Recycling of items plays a vital role in the Kenyan economy as well as finding justice to the environment. Plastic bottles Kenya are always thrown anyhow polluting the environment yet you can recycle and use it to create a different item.

Recycling Business ideas Kenya are very many that will help you create an employment opportunity for yourself and other people in the society.

Here is the procedure that will help to know how to start a recycling business in Kenya:

Step 1. Carry out a thorough market research so as to pick the easiest material to process that will use a minimum cost to start your business.

Step 2. Write down a strategic recycling business plan that will act as your guide in starting and managing your business. It should involve the capital, the objectives, sources of capital, etc.

Step 3. Get the necessary licenses that will help you prevent inconveniences with the local authorities.

Step 4. Have a collection centre where all the recycling materials are placed.

Step 5. Hire collectors that will help you in collecting materials to be recycled.

Step 6. Buy the necessary equipment such as sacks, weighing scales, plastic recycling machine in Kenya, among others.

Step 7. Have trucks that will facilitate transportation services of the recycled products.

These tips will help you succeed in establishing your recycling business.

Apart from recycling plastic bottles for money, you may as well specialize in recycling glass bottles in Kenya and therefore you will have to leas with the scrap glass buyers in Kenya.

You can also visit weeco recycling company as it is one of the recycling companies that has been successful for years down the line.

Paper Recycling Companies In Kenya

Some of the paper recycling companies in Kenya include but not limited to:

1. Kamongo Waste Paper Kenya Limited.

2. Xprint waste paper handlers.


Employ yourself today by investing your money in recycling business as it is worth investing due to its high returns at the end of the tunnel.

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