How To Start A Sacco In Kenya Easily & Prosper

How To Start A Sacco In Kenya Easily & Prosper

Kenya has a number of citizens investing in savings and credit co-operative societies (Sacco’s) which help members through investing member savings in joint ventures where you access at a reduced rate.

A Sacco business is very effective and flexible enough that you have to consistently save and grow your savings in order to acquire heavy dividends. These savings have helped many individuals in acquiring financial freedoms through Sacco’s.

You are at the right place where I will help you in how to start a successful Sacco through simple steps that I will show you. Starting of a Sacco in Kenya mainly majors on the registration process.

Without further a do let us start on how to start a Sacco in Kenya:

Step 1: Doing a thorough research about the Sacco that you want to delve into in order to be well equipped with the useful information.

Step 2: Creating an e citizen account. This account will help you acquire government services without difficulties.

Step 3: Applying for the registration of the Sacco. There are various requirements for registration of co- operative societies in Kenya which you should be equipped with. Here are the steps on how to register a Sacco in Kenya:

  • Formulation of a letter prescribing the need of forming your Sacco.
  • Providence of members details fir approval.
  • Drafting Sacco’s objectives.
  • Formulate the Sacco’s details such as the address, email, among others.
  • Forming constitution of the Sacco.
  • Filling of form A which is the application for the registration of the Sacco.
  • Filling of form B which is the notification of the registered office and society address.

These steps can also be used on how to register a matatu Sacco in Kenya. Besides, cost of registering a Sacco is cheaper and ranges from Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.15,000.

Step 4: Tax registration by the Kenya Revenue Authority which helps in the deduction of the tax for the government.

Step 5: Obtaining of the business permit which helps you in running the business smoothly without government inconveniences.

These are the steps you can use in starting various types of Sacco’s in Kenya. Ensure you fill all the Sacco registration forms in order to be identified as an ideal business in Kenya.


Sacco business has really helped in Kenya’s economic growth due to high dividends that one gets from it. Saccos are also very effective as it has Sacco rules and regulations that govern it to ensure smooth running of the Sacco.

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