How To Start A Salon Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Salon Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Are you here to know how to start a salon business in Kenya? Well, you are at the right place and I will show you the right procedure that will work well for you. Besides, you have chosen the right type of business that is worthwhile to delve into

Without further ado, let us get started on how to start a salon business in Kenya:

Step 1: Put together your capital for the start by either getting capital from your savings, loans, family among others.

Step 2: Draft a solid salon business plan that will be your guide through the entire process of your business.

Step 3: Obtain the licenses and permits by following the legal procedure to prevent inconveniences from the local authorities.

Step 4: Locate your salon in a strategic place where you will attract more clients at your doorstep. Some of the best places to start a salon in Nairobi include: in towns, markets, residential area, streets, among others.

Step 5: Purchasing of equipment by opening a salon checklist that will help you budget well and prevent overspending.

Step 6: Have a competent customer service as this is very important in your salon business.

Step 7: Make sure you are always available in that customers can fully rely on you anytime.

This is the procedure that will help you set your salon business in Kenya. You may also want to have a nail parlor inside your salon which forces you to draft an effective nail salon business plan in Kenya.

Salon Business Earnings Per Day

Are you wondering how much does a salon owner make in Kenya? Salon owner makes an average of Ksh.2,000 to Ksh. 10,000 in a day.

Salon owners make good money on a daily basis. Although this highly depends on the competency of the salon, reputation, expertise and location.

Best Places To Start A Salon In Nairobi

The greatest areas for business in Nairobi include estates with adequate people and places with a substantial number of middle-class people willing to spend up to Ksh 3,000 per head.

Such locations include but not limited to:




South C



South B



Cost Of Starting A Salon In Kenya

Perhaps, you are curious to know how much do you need to start a salon business in Kenya? Basically, you need an average of Ksh.60,000 to start a simple salon.

You can as well use higher capital in order to have a bigger salon that is more equipped and advanced.

List Of Salon Equipments With Price In Kenya

Here are some of the salon pricelist that will help you as a beginner:

a. Salon sink at Ksh.12,000.

b. Salon drier at Ksh.14,500.

c. Waiting benches at Ksh.5,000.

d. Salon trolley at Ksh.6,500.

e. Blow Drier at Ksh.5,000.


To summarize, salon business is the best business that you can delve into due to higher profits at the end of the tunnel.

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