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An automatic car is the simplest car to learn how to drive. A lot of people find it easier to drive an automatic car as compared to a manual car. This is because an automatic car has fewer procedures compared to a manual one.

If you have always dreamt about driving an automatic car then you are at the very right place. By the end of this article, you will be able to drive one.

Interested in learning how to start a manual car? Well, all you require is the car’s key. Afterward, you have to ignite the vehicle and you are good to go.

Detailed Steps on How to Start an Automatic Car

You may want to have a procedure on how to drive an automatic car for beginners. Well, this is a step-by-step guide on how to drive an automatic car:

Step 1: Place your foot on the brake pedal

This will help the vehicle not to be in motion.

Step 2: Disintegrate the hand Brake

As the foot is on the brake pedal, disintegrate the handbrake. Since it is automatic, as soon as the accelerator is pressed, the brake disengages.

Step 3: Ignite the vehicle

This will enable the start of the vehicle’s engine and put the vehicle ready to move.

Step 4: Engage the drive gear

This engagement is done as the foot is still on the brake pedal. Afterward, on the gear lever, there is a button on the left side. Press it then push the lever towards the point written D (for drive).

Step 5: Begin moving

After the vehicle is on drive, release the brake slowly as you accelerate. The acceleration pedal should be pressed smoothly as the vehicle moves.

How to Stop an Automatic Car

Stoping an Automatic car is very easy. Simply switch off the engine and engage the handbrake.

How to Drive an Automatic Car in Traffic Jam

Driving an automatic car in a traffic jam is one of the areas to be careful about. If the traffic is high, it is recommended that you engage the neutral gear. Ensure that you see the brake lights of the vehicle in Infront of you and that distance is kept.


I am hoping that this review has been of great importance to you. Automatic car driving lessons can be conducted in any driving school around you. The lesson’s duration will however depend on how quick or slow the learner is. Good luck with your driving.

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