How To Unlock KPLC Token Meter Now And Use It Immediately

How To Unlock KPLC Token Meter Now And Use It Immediately

KPLC sells electricity to millions of people country wide. Electricity supply has been made better through this company and the use of technology made it even better to buy tokens.

I am sure what brings you here is to know how to unlock KPLC token meter. Here is a very simple procedure of how to activate a new KPLC token for the first time:

Step 1. Have the C.I.U (token meter) connected to a wall socket and switched on.

Step 2. Press 59698686 followed by meter number then press Ok.

Step 3. Once it accepts press 1275 4194 1448 6450 5970 then Ok.

Step 4. Once it also accepts key in the meter number

Step 4. Congratulations, your meter is active.

In case you encounter problem, you can retry after some minutes but it should work. Otherwise, you may need to contact customer care.

KPLC Tokens Customer Care

KPLC tokens customer care number is 0703070707

Load Tokens To The New KPLC Token Meter

Once the token meter is active, its time to load tokens. This is how to buy KPLC meter.

Step 1. Enter KPLC business number as 88888 or 888880

Step 2. Enter your meter number usually 11 digits

Step 3. You can enter any amount between 250 and 35,000

Step 4. Enter your Mpesa pin

Step 5. Confirm that all the details are ok

Step 6. You will receive an Mpesa transaction confirmation message

Step 7. You will then receive an sms from KPLC with a 20 digit token

Step 8. Key in the tokens digits to your token meter then press ok.

Congratulations, its done.

All you have to do is to clearly follow the procedure mentioned above for a successful activation.

Can You Transfer KPLC Tokens

No. You cannot transfer KPLC tokens between accounts as at the moment.

I am sure that up to now you have the clue or rather the answers to the questions you were looking for.

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