International Relations Salary In Kenya | New Pay

International Relations Salary In Kenya | New Pay

International Relations is a field of study and practice that majors basically on understanding the unique nature of relationships that exist between various cultures and nations at large. These unique relationship have impact on:

1. International politics.

2. International laws.

3. Economics to security.

4. Diplomacy.

5. Governance.

Are you searching for how much do international relations earn? International relations salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.75,000 per month. The salary is a net salary after all deductions such as tax have been made.

Besides, it is worth noting that the international relations jobs salary in Kenya can vary drastically depending on factors such as education level, location, work experience, gender, job title, skills, among other factors.

Someone with advanced expertise such as work experience is likely to earn more than the average.

International Relations And Diplomacy Salary In Kenya

The profession mainly maintain good relations between countries.

International Relations and Diplomacy salary in Kenya is approximately Ksh.145,000 per month including all allowances.

International Relations Specialist Salary In Kenya.

They have specialized in a particular field such as politics, economics, among others.

How much does an international relations specialist make? International Relations Specialist earns an average of Ksh.178,999 on a monthly basis and it is inclusive of all allowances.

International Relations Career

Is international relations a good career? Yes, international relations is a good career with various job opportunities that one can specialize in. In addition, it is worth studying as it is not only a national job but also an international job. This fact makes you to worry less as you’ll secure a good job after studying.

International Relations Jobs In Kenya

Some of the jobs that one can apply for include:

1. Manager-International Relations and Diplomacy at Kenya Revenue and Authority (KRA).

2. International Relations Industrial Attachments at Kenya Revenue Authority, Nairobi.

3. International Affairs at Physician For Human Rights, Nairobi.

4. Lecturer in International relations-Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

5. Foreign and Commonwealth at UN Engagements.

6. Paid Traineeship at EU Delegation to Kenya.

7. Associate Professor in International Relations at Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

8. International Relations Officer at Kenyatta University, Teaching and Referral.

9. Advocacy and External Relations Coordinator at International Rescue Committee.

10. Political Affairs Officer at Officer of Counter-Terrorism Nairobi.


To conclude, International Relations is the best career as it has travelling privileges such as travelling abroad so as to gather data. This call upon travelling allowances leading to one earning more monthly income.

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