Kambua Biography And Online Jobs

Kambua Biography And Online Jobs

Did you know that Kambua does online jobs in Kenya to for extra income? Get all facts here including the celebrity’s biography, online jobs, and net worth. Today, she can comfortably afford a luxurious lifestyle for herself and her family through venturing in the best online jobs.

Kambua is a famous Kenyan gospel artist who has thrived in the music industry. She grew up talented in singing and took her music classes in the United States. She has served as a Tv host for a gospel program called Kubamba Citizen TV.

Furthermore, she has been a brand ambassador of diverse companies’ products in the Kenyan market. Kambua is happily married and has children of her own.

Kambua Biography

Kambua was born In Nairobi on 10th November 1989 to her father, Professor Manundu, and her mother, Lois Manundu, an evangelist of the gospel. She went past her primary school studies and joined Lukenya high school.

She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, USA. She advanced her studies at Ambrose University College in Calgary. She pursues a music career in classic voice since she loved singing.

Celebrated NameKambua
Real NameJanet Kambua Manundu
Date of Birth                       10th November 1986
Place of birthNairobi
Nationality         Kenyan
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NamePastor Mathu
Kambua’s Biography

Online Jobs Done By Kambua


Kambua gospel singer has a YouTube channel. She speaks about herself painful past and encourages people undergoing different life stressors. She shared her past tragic moments when she waited for a child for 7 years and lost her second-born child, just a newborn. She has also used the platform to entertain her fans with her gospel songs and biblical inspirations.

Affiliate Marketing

The celebrity has taken advantage of her youtube online following to market company products such as ‘Delmonte,’ ‘Sunlight,’ among others. She has promoted her songs as skiza tunes to her fans, for instance, ‘Anatimiza’ and others. She has also marketed her fellow gospel artist and music collaborations.

Kambua and her team have been able to advertise several company products through her Sunday TV program show that has penetrated several high schools, universities, colleges, prisons, churches, and many other institutions centers.

Online Marketing Influencer

Kambua has influenced most of the young generation through her TV program on ‘Kubamba show’ held every Sunday on Citizen TV. The show airs gospel music ministry conducted across the country.

She has marketed many products, including giveaways from many companies, including food products and other accessories. As a result, there has been an increment in product demand from fans and the Kenyan market.

Blogging/Article Writing

Janet is a writer. She has reached millions of viewers through her online platforms, encouraging messages on faith walks and trusting God. She has also shared a range of circumstances where she faced tough times and managed to come up again with some battles won and others lost.

Kambua’s Net Worth

Her net worth of about Ksh. 34 Million that can be estimated from a singing career as a gospel artist. She has assets, including a home, expensive cars, accessories, and many others. She is also a Tv host with a Sunday’s program called Kubamba and online social media platforms that have grown her to fame.


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Online Jobs In Kenya Done By Kenyan Celebrities


Kambua an icon among the Kenyan celebrity who has engaged in Legit online jobs in Kenya, like advertising her songs on youtube as skiza tune. She has shown a great impression of faith as she travels across the cross the country with her fellow celebrities ministering the word of God through gospel music.

She has embraced her online platforms to make money online in Kenya and has proven the online marketing is one of the best online jobs one can engage. Kambua has been able to influence young people on How to make money online in Kenya as part of part-time Jobs in Kenya. Students have not been exempted as they have options of Online jobs for students to choose from which creative way of How to earn money online while still in school.

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