KCB Customer Care, Contacts, Branches, Code, Paybill; Kenya

kcb custimer care, contacts, branches, code, paybill Kenya

KCB Bank Kenya is one of the best banks that offer financial services in Kenya. Find an easy guide for KCB customer care contacts, KCB code, KCB Bank branches and contacts in Nairobi, Kiambu and Kajiado and many more details about KCB bank Kenya.

KCB Head Office Contacts And Address

Address: Kencom House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Phone: 020 2287000     

P. O. Box 48400-00100 GPO, Nairobi

KCB Bank Code

KCB Bank Kenya Limited Bic/ Swift Code details for KCB Bank Kenya Limited, Moi Avenue Nairobi (Head Office) is


Key swift code details include:

  • Bank Code: KCBL
  • Country Code: KE
  • Location Code: KX
  • Branch Code 017

KCB Bank Customer Care

The following are KCB customer care contacts you can use

Phone: 0711 087000

Phone: 0732 187000

SMS: 22522

Email Address: contactcentre@kcb.co.ke

KCB Mobile Banking Customer Care Contacts

Phone: 0711 087000

Phone: 0732 187000

KCB Mpesa Customer Care Number

Phone: +254 20 3270000

Telephone: +254 (20) 3270000

SMS: 22522

KCB MPESA Loan Paybill Number


KCB Branches

The following are KCB Kenya branches, contacts, and location

KCB Branches In Nairobi

Table showing branches in:

Thika road, Gigiri square, Gateway parke, Karen, Capital Hill

KCB Thika Road Mall Branch Thika Road Mall, Thika Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020 8566001 Email:thikardmall@kcbgroup.com  KCB Gigiri Square Branch United Nations Ave, Nairobi Phone: 0745 430998
Email: ungigiri@kcbgroup.com    
KCB Gateway Park Branch Phone: 0746737954
Phone: 0703111434
Email: gatewaybr@kcbgroup.com   Gateway Mall, Mombasa Road, Nairobi
KCB Karen Branch Karen Shopping Centre, Langata Rd, Nairobi Phone: 0202573627
Phone: 020217498 Email: karen@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Advantage Karen Branch Karen Shopping Centre, Langata Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020-257-362-7  
Phone: 020-257-362-8
Email: karen@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Capital Hill Branch NHIF Building, Ragati Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020-2720207 Phone: 020-2720208 Email: capitalhill@kcbgroup.com    

Table showing branches in:

Biashara street, Sarit Centre, Jogoo road, Ngara, Karioangi, Eastleigh

KCB Biashara Street Branch Phone: 208024557 Email: biasharast@kcbgroup.com Jethalal Chambers, Biashara St, Nairobi  KCB Mortgage Sarit Centre Sarit Centre Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Karuna Rd, Nairobi Phone: 0724001332 Phone: 0759336305 Email: slsarit@kcbgroup.com    KCB Jogoo Road Branch KCB Building, Jogoo RD, Nairobi Phone: +254202382627 Email: jogoord@kcbgroup.com    
KCB Ngara Branch Enkei Centre, Ngara Road, Nairobi  Phone: 020 3760020
Email: Ngara@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Kariobangi Branch Kariobangi Light Industries, Outer Ring Road’ Nairobi Phone: +254207788834    KCB Advantage Eastleigh Grand Royal Hotel, General Waruingi St, Nairobi Phone: 0712-997-817
Email: eastleigh@kcbgroup.com  

Table showing branches in:

Likoni Rd, Kibera, Village market, Kajiado, Gikomba

KCB Mashariki Branch Blue Nile, Likoni Rd, Nairobi Phone: 0715878600
Phone: 0207860880
Phone: 0206553609  
Email: mashariki@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Kibera Branch Jamii Villas, Kibera Dr, Nairobi 020 3860072/020 3860036
Email: kibera@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Village Market Branch Phone: 0207122003
Phone: 0207122010 Email: villagemarket@kcbgroup.com   Village Market Mall, Limuru Rd, Nairobi  
KCB Advantage Village Market Branch Village Market Mall, Limuru Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020-712-201-2
Phone: 020-712-200-3
Email: villagemarket@kcbgroup. com    
KCB Kajiado Branch KCB Building, Along Nairobi – Namanga Road, Kajiado Phone: +254706024740  
Email: kajiado@kcbgroup.com
KCB Gikomba Branch Cambodia Plaza, Gikomba, Along Old Pumwani Road, Nairobi Phone: 020 2363174
Email: gikomba@kcbgroup.com

Table showing branches in:

Industrial area, prestige plaza, Westgate. Kimathi Street, Upper Hill

KCB Industrial Area Branch Enterprise Building, Enterprise Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020-0206557033
Email: industrialarea@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Prestige Plaza Branch
Prestige Plaza Mall, Ngong Rd, Nairobi
Phone: +254203862394
Phone: +254203862392
Phone: +254203862393
Phone: 0202438776
Prestige Plaza Mall, Ngong Rd, Nairobi
KCB Advantage Westgate Phone: 020-246-709-6 Westgate, Nairobi
Email: westgate@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Kimathi Street Branch Kimathi Building, Kimathi Ln, Nairobi Phone: 020 2213157
Phone: 020 2213182 Email: kimathi@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Nairobi High Court Branch Madison Insurance House, Ground Floor, Upper Hill Road, Nairobi Phone: 202713860
Email: nairobihighcourt@kcbgroup.com

This table shows KCB branches for:

Haile Selassie, Harambee Ave, Hulingham, Westlands, Tom Mboya, Kenyatta Ave

KCB Haile Selassie Branch Agip House, Haile Selassie, Nairobi Phone: +254739152046
Phone: +254739152046
Phone: +254739152046 Email:haileselassiesavloan@kcbgroup.com
KCB KICC Branch Kenyatta International Conference Center, Harambee Ave, Nairobi Phone: 2241378
Phone: 2247661
Email: kicc@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Hurlingham Via Valley Road, Argwings Kodhek RD Phone: 020 2731814
Email: hurlingham@kcbgroup.com
KCB Sarit Centre Branch The Sarit Centre Mall – Westlands, Nairobi Phone: 0203747576
Phone: 0203747577
Phone: 203747225
Email: saritcentre@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Tom Mboya Branch Hamburg House, Tom Mboya St, Nairobi Phone: +254203344450
Email: tommboya@kcbgroup.com
KCB Kipande House Branch Kipande House, Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi Phone: 0202215935
Phone: 203318682 Phone: 0203341031
Email: kipandehouse@kcbgroup.com  

This table shows KCB branches for:

Kipande house, Garden City, University way

KCB Advantage Kipande House Kipande House, Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi Phone: 020-334-103-1
Email: kipandehouse@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Garden City Branch Thika RD, Garden City Mall, Nairobi Phone: 4401843 Phone: 4401842
Email: gardencity@kcbgroup.com    
KCB University Way Branch Nairobi University way, Nairobi City Phone: 202027326
Phone: 0202246710
Phone: 202027327
Phone: 203312390
Email: universityway@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Advantage University Way 20 University Way, Nairobi Phone: 020-221-305-2
Email: universityway@kcbgroup.com    
KCB Kasarani Branch Pazuri Place Kasarani-Mwiki Road Roysambu, next to Naivas Supermarket, Nairobi Phone: +254208566004
Email: kasarani@kcbgroup.com      
KCB Buruburu Branch Sun View plaza, Bumbani Rd, Nairobi Phone: +254207788830
Email: buruburu@kcbgroup.com      

This table shows KCB branches for:

Moi Ave, KCB Towers, Upperhill, Kayole, River Road

KCB Garden Plaza Branch Phone: 0771719572
Phone: 0771903864
Email: gardenplaza@kcbgroup.com   Ufundi Co – Operative Plaza Ground Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi
KCB Customer Experience Center KCB Towers Kenya Road, off Hospital Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020-210-351-1
Email: cxcentre@kcbgroup.com  
KCB Upperhill Platinum Center KCB Towers Kenya Road, off Hospital Rd, Nairobi Phone: 0742 651 598
Email: upperhillplatinum@kcbgroup.com
KCB Moi Avenue Branch Kencom House, Moi Ave, Nairobi Phone: 0203270155 Phone: 0711012155 Email: mgrops-moiavenue@kcbgroup.comKCB River Road Branch KCB Building River Road River Road Central Business District (CBD) Phone: +254702723690
Email: riverroad@kcbgroup.com    
KCB Kayole Branch Shujaa Mall, Kayole Spine Rd, Nairobi Phone: 020 7788838
Email: kayole@kcbgroup.com        

KCB Branches In Kajiado

This table shows KCB branches for:

Kiserian, Kitengela, Namange

KCB Branches in KajiadoKCB ContactsKCB Branch Address/ Location
KCB Kiserian BranchPhone: 202499585 Email: kiserian@kcbgroup.comCountry House, Along Magadi Road, Kiserian, Kajiado
KCB Kitengela BranchPhone: 452121506 Email: kitengela@kcbgroup.com  Along Nairobi – Namanga Road, Kitengela, Kajiado
KCB Namanga BranchPhone: 020-235-0292 Email: namanga@kcbgroup.com    Along Namanga – Nairobi Road, Namanga, Kajiado
KCB Branches In Kajiado

KCB Bank Ruiru Customer Care Contacts

Telephone Number: 06754263

Telephone Number: 06754266

This table shows KCB branches for:

Kikuyu, Limuru, Thika, Makongeni

KCB Branches in KiambuKCB ContactsKCB Branch Address/ Location
KCB Kikuyu BranchPhone: 0726-622-854 Email: kikuyu@kcbgroup.com  KCB Building Kikuyu Post Office Road Kikuyu Town, Kiambu
KCB Limuru BranchPhone: +254202103511 Email: limuru@kcbgroup.com  Ngure Tharao Building, Opposite Family Bank, Limuru, Kiambu
KCB Thika BranchPhone: 067-218-69 Phone: 067-218-68 Email: thika@kcbgroup.comKCB Building, Kenyatta Hwy, Thika
KCB Makongeni BranchPhone: 0795-900-465 Phone: 0795-900-464 Email:makongenistaff@kcbgroup.com  KCB Building, Garissa Rd, Thika
KCB Branches In Kiambu

This table shows KCB branches for:

Ruiru, Gatundu, Kiambu

KCB Ruiru Branch KCB Building Ruiru Ruiru-Kiambu Road Ruiru, Kiambu Phone: 0774421558 Email: ruiru@kcbgroup.com,KCB Gatundu Branch KCB Building Gatundu Gatundu Road Gatundu, Kiambu Phone: +25420780887 Email: gatundu@kcbgroup.comKCB Kiambu Branch KCB Building, Biashara Street, Kiambu Phone: 020 2429411 Phone: 0789394274 Email: kiambu@kcbgroup.com

This table shows KCB branches for:


KCB Mwea BranchPhone: 0770-559-885  Email: mwea@kcbgroup.com  KCB Building Mwea Mwea-Embu Road Mwea Town
KCB Mwea Branch

KCB Customer Care Nakuru

Telephone Number: 051-2211709

Telephone number: 051-2211710

Telephone Number: 0512211711

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