King Kaka Biography And Online Jobs

King Kaka Biography And Online Jobs

Full details about the the Kenyan celebrity King Kaka’s online jobs, biography and net worth is here. The male celebrity has highly invested in his online jobs. Today, his primary income source come from doing legit online jobs in Kenya.

King Kaka is a widely known Kenyan rapper and Hip-Hop singer who has advanced his roots to firmly establishing his music career. He started law but fort his way out to the top, with his hard work presenting him to award-winning levels. King Kaka is a family man married to Carter Ninifelly owiti and blessed with a son.

King Kaka Biography

King Kaka was born on 7th May 1987 in Nairobi to his father, Julius Ombima, and his mother, Elizabeth. He was brought up in a low-class family with his mother being a hawking fruit and his late father working as a caretaker of one of the houses in Upper Hill, Nairobi City.

King Kaka attended his primary studies and passed the KCPE that earned him a place in Eastleigh High School. He completed his high school education and was honored as an entertainment perfect, and he furthered his studies.

Celebrated NameKing Kaka
Real NameKenedy Ombima
Date of Birth     7th May 1987
Place of Birth    Nairobi
Nationality         Kenyan
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameCarter Ninifelly owiti
ChildrenGweth Ombima,
Iroma Ombima,
Ayanna Ombima
King Kaka Biography

Online Jobs By King Kaka


King Kaka has a large following on his YouTube channel. Most of his fans are his followers on his Facebook page, Twitter handles, and Instagram.  He shares so much entertainment with his fans through music and life inspirations from personal experiences.

Blogging/Article Writing

Kaka is a blogger. He is the founder of the King Kaka Empire that is mainly associated with music production. He has written many articles on life about lessons he learned from personal experiences and the surrounding environment. He has been able to air out his voice to educating Kenyan citizens on their rights.

Affiliate Marketing

King Kaka is a brand ambassador of several companies advertising their products through his social media platforms. Some of the companies King kaka worked for include Skyward Express, Remy Martin, and several others. He is also an advocate of the UNICEF Ke and is still open for business.

Online Marketing Influencer

King Kaka has reached millions of his followers and fans by airing his educative content, including marketing products. Due to this reason, there has been an increase in product sales following high market demand.

Online Shop

King Kaka is a successful businessman with multiple products advertised in his songs and online channels, such as; his clothing line, purified water companies, products from his music production company, and several others.

Net Worth Of King Kaka

His net worth has not been publicly mentioned. However, his primary income come from his music career. He worked with Safaricom P.L.C. on a program BYOB as a mentor to young people, which added to his net worth.

King Kaka of his King Kaka Empire the C.E.O. that come with great returns. Other earnings are from his online social media accounts, multi-company endorsements, from his established businesses such as his purified water company, Majik Water, and many others.


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King Kaka, a Kenya rapper, has outdone other Kenyan celebrities by the strong and firm unwavering values he stands for. He has embraced unique ways of how to earn money online by engaging in many Legit online jobs in Kenya. As a role model to most visionary young people, among the provided Jobs in Kenya, they can have various ways to choose from on how to make money online in Kenya.

King Kaka has proven through his online sites that online creativity is one of the Best online jobs the young generation can apply to Make money online in Kenya. Like his fellow celebrities, King Kaka has not exempted learners from side hustling as he encourages them to try Online jobs for students to help attain financial independence.

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