Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

If you are looking for Limuru Cottage Hospital maternity charges, services, contacts, address, location, doctors, gynaecologist and more information about the hospital, you are in the right place. I have compiled an easy to follow information about the hospital for you.

Have you been suffering for many years with different types of diseases? And you have never reached to a place where you can get help? If that is the case you should not keep worrying. With qualified staff around, your disease is able to be treated and better health is guaranteed.

Limuru Cottage Hospital Contacts

Phone: 0790414518

Limuru Cottage Hospital Address

Limuru Central, Limuru Town

Limuru Cottage Hospital Location

The hospital is located in Limuru Central Limuru town.

Limuru Cottage Hospital Directions

The hospital is found in Limuru town, Limuru Kenya.

Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Charges

The table below shows the maternity services with their respective charges;

Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Servicescharges
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 35,000
Normal DeliveryKsh. 15,000
Delivery With NHIFFree
ScanKsh. 1,500
Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Charges

Limuru Cottage Hospital Maternity Package

Packages include; normal delivery package and caesarian delivery package.

Limuru Cottage Hospital Services

Some of the services offered at Limuru Cottage hospital are shown below;


Gynaecologists are specialties who have focused in women’s health. in most cases they deal with issues affecting the female reproductive system. Limuru Cottage Hospital has gynaecologists. The gynaecologists in the facility are highly trained and have the full knowledge of handling issues.

Some of the conditions the gynaecologists deal with are; hormonal disorders, infertility issues, menstrual disorders, sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis among others.

The gynaecologists main aim is to ensure that women live healthy lives. At some point the gynaecologists also deal with pregnancies issues. For the best gynaecological services do not hesitate to visit Limuru Cottage hospital.


Limuru Cottage Hospital has very spacious, clean and comfortable wards. The mentioned conditions bring about good healing environment for the patients. In addition, the wards have high bed capacities to accommodate many patients. Through this there are no congestion issues.

The nurses play a very important role in the wards. The nurses are always available to monitor the patient’s health through assessment. The nurses are present to ensure that anything the patients require is given to them immediately. All these conditions bring about a good healing environment to the patients.

Caesarian Delivery

Ever since the development of this section, high survival rates have been recorded so far. Limuru Cottage Hospital has a c section. The section is run by professionals in that field. Basically, in the c section what normally takes place is some sort of surgery.

The surgery is performed through incision of the abdomen. The surgery is performed by highly trained and skilled surgeons. The surgeons are ever keen during the surgical procedures. The surgeons also ensure that they use clean surgical equipment.

Through this, the risks of wound infections are very low. What matters to the c section staff is saving lives that is of both the mother and child.

Emergency Services

Are night emergencies scaring you? Or rather emergencies in general? If that is the case no need to be that desperate because here is a solution for you. Limuru Cottage Hospital has a very standby emergency department staff. The staff work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This is with an aim of saving lives either during the nights or broad daylight. If by any chance you have any emergency issues just take an initiative of reaching Limuru Cottage Hospital emergency department. You can also save a life or two.


A fully equipped pharmacy is available. The pharmacy is stocked with up-to-date drugs. In summary the drugs are neither contaminated nor expired. Running the pharmacy is a group of highly trained professionals known as chemists.

The chemists are there to ensure that after the doctors have given prescriptions, they give the patients the correct dosage. Through these there are no issues of underdose and overdose. The pharmacy Is also open for 24 hours. There is a guarantee that patients health betters as time and days go by.


Physiotherapists are doctors who have specialized in treating injuries that may have been acquired during sporting activities, exercise or even workouts. The physical therapists treat such conditions through physical means such as massage and exercise.

In some cases, the physiotherapists may have talking sessions with the patients through therapy. They work with one aim that is of making sure that the patients regain their normal conditions. If you might have acquired injuries through the mentioned means, there is no need of you suffering that much.

Instead take an initiative of visiting Limuru Cottage Hospital physiotherapists without hesitation. Make your health better with Limuru cottage physical therapists.

Laboratory Services

When it comes to test issues, the laboratory plays a very great impact. Limuru cottage Hospital has a modern laboratory with modern testing equipment. In addition, it is run by highly skilled and professional technicians.

The professionality of the technicians and the availability of modern testing equipment plays a very great role when it comes to accuracy. In the laboratory accuracy is the key to everything. After tests have been conducted, the patients get back to the doctors for prescriptions.

Some of the common conducted tests are malaria tests, typhoid tests, cholera tests, blood screening before transfusion among others.

Dental services

The amenity has dentists. The dentists present are trained and fully equipped with the necessary dentistry knowledge. These dentists are there to ensure that the patients teeth health is better.

The dentists are available to offer services such as; common extractions, bridging, crowning, teeth whitening, fitting of braces among others. Make your smile brighter with Limuru Cottage Hospital dentists.


Above is just a summary of what Limuru Cottage Hospital maternity charges costs and the services offered. If you really have the need of bettering your health then visit the facility and access the best quality care services.

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