Mechanical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Mechanical Engineering is a field of engineering that mainly deals with designing, production and operation of mechanical systems by use of Physics, Mathematics Knowledge and material science at large.

The field is largely concerned with the use of mechanics in industry, as well as the manufacturing of tools, machines, and their products.

How much is a mechanical engineer paid in Kenya? A Mechanical engineer salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.142,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Mechanical Engineering Starting salary in Kenya is Ksh.45,000 per month.This salary tends to stagnate for a while before it increases due to increased working experience of an individual.

Diploma Mechanical Engineering Salary In Kenya

Diploma holders in this field also enjoy benefits such as allowances and also basic salaries.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering earns an average of ksh.70,000 per month all allowances being inclusive.

Mechanical Engineering Plant Option Salary In Kenya

They mainly pursue a three year course diploma and are equipped with various skills which can also help them create self employment.

Mechanical Engineering plant option earns a salary range of Ksh.38,000 to Ksh.125,000 per month including all allowances.

Bachelor Of Technology In Mechanical Engineering Salary

These are degree holders in Mechanical Engineering.

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering salary in Kenya is Ksh.139,000 per month including all the allowances.

Marketability Of Mechanical Engineering Salary In Kenya

Is mechanical engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes, mechanical engineering is a very marketable engineering field that is on demand. These course is highly scalable and offers various job opportunities immediately after schooling.  

Thus, you should not worry about the course’s marketability but rather how prepared are you to join the vast job market as a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs In Kenya

Various mechanical engineering job vacancies in this field include:

1. Mechanical Engineer at Corporate staffing, Nairobi.

2. Mechanical engineer -Production Supervision, Nairobi.

3. HVAC Project Engineer at Corporatestaffing, Nairobi.

4. Design Engineer at Burn Manufacturing

5. Service Engineer (Mechanical) at Co-operative Bank, Nairobi.

6. Machinery Engineer at Southern Engineering Co.Ltd.

7. Mechanical Technician at Fresha Dairy Nairobi.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Plant Jobs In Kenya

If you posses a diploma, degree, or cerificate, you also can consider these open vacancies:

a. Plant and Machinery Engineer at South Engineering Co.Ltd.

b. Mechanical Technician at Umoja Rubber Ltd in Kilifi.

c. Mechanical Craftsman at KenGen.

d. Mechanical Engineer at Makueni County Public Service Board.

e. Supervisor Marine Engineer at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

f. Workshop officer at Kakuma,Turkana.


Mechanical Engineering forms the basis of operating mechanical systems that has really helped in project development. Besides, mechanical engineering is a good career that pays well on a monthly basis.

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