Metropolitan Hospital Maternity Charges, Contacts, Services

Metropolitan Hospital Maternity Charges

Quick overview of Metropolitan Hospital maternity charges, services, contacts, address, NHIF status and many more is all here.

Metropolitan Hospital is among the best maternity hospitals in Kenya. The facility is well equipped to handle both normal and emergency deliveries that require caesarian section. Besides, newborn units are on standby just in case more support is needed for the newborn.

Who Owns Metropolitan Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital is owned by Ancrum Evans, a British investor and the main shareholder in the hospital. The investor first came to Kenya in 1943.  There are more than 500 other shareholders of the hospital.

Metropolitan Hospital Contacts

pHONE: +254-207781730

Metropolitan Hospital Address

The Metropolitan Hospital BuruBuru Address is Phase 3, Opp Jericho Mkt Rabai Rd, PO BOX 808 00515, Buru Buru

Where is Metropolitan Hospital Located?

The hospital is located opposite Jericho Market Rabai Road, BuruBuru Phase 3

Metropolitan Hospital Maternity Charges

Metropolitan Hospital Maternity ServiceMaternity Charges
Normal DeliveryKsh. 50,000
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 100,000
Metropolitan Hospital Maternity Charges

NHIF is accepted by Metropolitan Hospital. You can also use other Private Insurance Companies In Kenya to pay for your bill.

Metropolitan Hospital Services For Maternity

The hospital has a bed capacity of 25 beds. Maternity sector is managed by team of 4 dedicated staff in addition to 20 professional consultant. The service is offered 24/7.

The room are highly designed for diverse with standard equipment and offers a wide range of comfort. The maternity rooms include:

  • Executive rooms
  • Semi private rooms
  • General rooms

Antenatal Care Services

Highly specialized nurses, midwives, and gynaecologists work 24 hours a day. Women health care needs and pregnancy are well attended to until they deliver. Antenatal care is every day except during public holidays and Sundays.

Midwife clinic is from Monday to Friday from 8:00am-4:00 pm. On Saturdays, the clinic operates from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.

Gynecology Consultations

In case you have complicated pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, or simply needs someone to listen to your pregnancy journey, qualified gynaecologists are available.

Theatre Services

Modernized theatre is available for handling emergencies as well as complicated deliveries that are life threatening is done through normal delivery.

ICU Services

Both Neonatal ICU for infants born with complications as well as adults ICU in case the mother needs further hospitalization is available. Professional pediatricians attend to the newborns to enhance their chances of survival.

Postnatal Care

Mother and baby care even after delivery still takes place. Scheduled checkup, medications, and immunizations are conducted.

Well-Baby Clinic And Immunizations

Babies can be taken back to hospital any time there is an emergency including fever. However, there are scheduled visits for immunizations that runs on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 1: 00 pm.

Nutritionists, paeditricians, and nurses are always available to attend to your needs.


Wellequipped ambulances are available. In case of emergency, simply call 0774490209 / 0708881414 to get an ambulance and transport the patient to Metropolitan Hospital.

Family Planning Services

Family planning services at Metropolitan Hospital Nairobi include:

  • Barrier methods.
  • Hormonal contraception.
  • Fertility awareness.
  • Emergency contraception
  • Long- acting reversible contraception.

Comprehensive Care Clinic

Metropolitan Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic provides personalized services which include Voluntary Counselling and Testing (V.C.T) and ARV drug refilling and counselling.

The hospital also takes care of those ailing from TB.

The clinic runs from Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and on Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon


In case you have problems with your gastrointestinal, you can undergo an endoscopy.  An endoscope is easily passed through the mouth and throat and in the esophagus, allowing the doctor to view the esophagus, stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.


If you have any skin issues complications, Metropolitan Hospital got you covered with a competent dermatology. Dermatology clinic runs on Monday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Friday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.


Oncology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as palliative care.

Chemotherapy services are covered by NHIF. The clinic runs on Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 am


Metropolitan Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Kenya. The hospital is highly equipped facility with specialized medical personnel to meet various patient’s needs. Besides, the Metropolitan Hospital Payment is flexible and accepts insurance covers including NHIF.

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