Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

If you are looking for Ngong Rapha Hospital maternity charges, services, address, contacts, doctors, gynaecologist, and many more information about the facility, then you are in the right place. I have a complete guide prepared just for you.

Ngong Rapha Hospital, Ngong, is a facility that provides quality care services to its patients. Ever since its formation there has been a great increase in terms of health improvement.

The reason is because it is run with specialties in different fields and it has adopted the latest technology. So, if you need to better your health, and access services of satisfactory then all you have to do Is visit the hospital.

Ngong Rapha Hospital Contacts

Phone 1: +254706900707

Phone 2: +254792712527

Ngong Rapha Hospital Address

Ngong, Kajiado North, Kajiado North Kajiado

Ngong Rapha Hospital Location

The Hospital is located in Ngong.

Ngong Rapha Hospital Directions

The Hospital is at Ngong near Vine And Healing ministries.

Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity Charges

Ngong Rapha Hospital offers maternity services. However, the services offered are chargeable. Below shows a table summarizing the services with their respective charges;

Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges (with NHIF)Charges (without NHIF)
Caesarian DeliveryNHIF caters for Ksh. 30,000Ksh. 78,000
Normal DeliveryNHIF caters for Ksh. 15,000Ksh. 10,000
Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity Charges

Ngong Rapha Hospital Maternity Package

Packages offered are normal delivery and caesarian delivery.

Ngong Rapha Hospital Services

Some of the services offered at Ngong Rapha Hospital are;

Emergency Services

Emergency issues are not issue to be handled lightly. Cases concerning emergencies should be given much attention and should be handled cautiously. Ngong Rapha Hospital has an emergency department. The staff working there is very skilled and highly qualified.

The staff is ever standby come rain come sunshine. The emergency unit also works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is with one aim and that is saving a life or two. Incase you have any emergency issues take an initiative of reaching the emergency department through; +254706900707


The facility has trained gynaecologists. Gynaecologists are doctors who have mainly specialized in handling women’s health. in most cases they deal with issues affecting the female reproductive system.

Some of the issues the gynaecologists handle are; infertility issues, hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders, sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis and issues related to pregnancy. Reproductive health is something that is fundamental.

So, if you are a woman and you need to achieve the best reproductive health then do not hesitate to visit Ngong Rapha Hospital gynaecologists.

Normal Delivery

Expectant mothers are given an opportunity to deliver normally in the facility. The doctors and nurses concerned with the delivery department are there to ensure that all the delivery procedures are conducted effectively. Women can deliver with the help of doctors, nurses, or midwifes around.

It is every one’s happiness to see a new born life. The normal delivery service is also offered at a very affordable charge. For the best delivery services, you don’t have to keep struggling all you need to do is visit Ngong Rapha Hospital and enjoy the quality service.

Caesarian Delivery

Caesarian delivery was introduced to help women who have birth complications deliver successfully. ever since its introduction, there has been a positive increase in terms of lives saved. Ngong Rapha Hospital has a caesarian section. This section is commonly referred to as the c section.

A surgery is conducted in the section to ease delivery. I want to assure you that the surgeries are performed by highly qualified surgeons who are experienced and well known. The surgeons are ever keen and use clean surgical tools. through the use of clean surgical tools, the risk of wound infections is greatly reduced.

General Consultation

Ngong Rapha Hospital gives any patient a chance to consult the doctor. The doctors are friendly and ready to listen to the patients. After you visit the doctor for consultation, the doctor is able to give you directories on where to go next.

The doctors will ensure that after all the procedures your health betters as time goes by. If you really need consultation services the doctors are ever ready to listen to you. So, do not hesitate to reach the doctors.


Just after the tests have been conducted, the doctors now give out prescriptions. Later on, the patients are now referred to the pharmacy. Ngong Rapha Hospital has a well-stocked pharmacy with up-to-date drugs. Working in the pharmacy is a group of highly trained personnel.

The chemists are there to make sure that correct dosages are administered just after the doctors have given out prescriptions. The chemists also ensure that there are no issues of overdose and underdose.

The pharmacy is open for 24 hours to meet the need of the patients. The chemist work with one aim that is of ensuring that the patients health betters.

Laboratory Services

A modern laboratory with modern equipment is available at Ngong Rapha Hospital. the laboratory is there mainly to facilitate test conduction. Working in the laboratory is a group of technicians who are knowledgeable in the field. The technicians are there to ensure that tests are conducted and that accurate results are produced afterwards.

Test accuracy is very important since the doctors depend on the tests to give the required prescriptions. Some of the common tests conducted are but not limited to; malaria tests, cholera tests, typhoid tests, and blood screening before transfusion.


Physiotherapists are doctors who treat injuries that may have been acquired during sporting activities. The physiotherapists treat these injuries through physical means such as massage and exercise. At some point the physiotherapists carry out the treatment through therapy with the patients. For the best physiotherapy services don’t hesitate to visit Ngong Rapha Hospital. 


Hopefully, the Ngong Rapha maternity charges will help you plan your finances well. I guess you have found whatever information you were looking for. If by any chance you are sick and you need treatment. Then Ngong Rapha Hospital is the best place you can visit.

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