No More Boarding Schools, CS Magoha Clarifies

Abolishing Boarding Schools

In the near future, Kenya will have no boarding schools. However, the action will not be immediate but a gradual process as the interest and wellbeing of key stakeholders such as the pupils and students will have to be considered.

In his statement, Magoha said “There is thinking in that direction but it will have to be a gradual process as we implement the Competency-Based Curriculum.” Besides, “It has never been a policy to abolish boarding schools. It is not an issue to bother at the moment”, said Magoha.

Prof Magoha also stated that in Kenya, 75% of secondary institutions are day schools. As a result, eliminating the 4,000 boarding schools all at once will be unfeasible, but that the state will implement a strategy that will see new ones become day schools. The number of day-schools will ultimately rise as a result of this.

Previously, during the rampant school fires KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion also hinted on the need to abolish boarding schools.

In his statement, Sossion said “how do you cane a teenager who has been free out there? Control of children requires parenting, and that is why we’re suggesting very strongly that Kenya is mature enough to eliminate the boarding school system so that children can go home and come back.”

According to Magoha, no learner should be sent home due to a lack of school payments. Furthermore, every kid in day and boarding secondary schools receives Sh22,244 from the government, which covers a wide range of requirements.

He stated that the government will be on the lookout to guarantee that no youngster is left behind in their pursuit of a good education. He stated that the administration will make every effort to achieve a 100% transition rate (from primary to secondary schools).

In addition, the Elimu Scholarship program, which provides bursaries to brilliant and underprivileged students is complete. Bright and needy students can now secure scholarship through the funding.

“We shall ensure that those children who got those scholarships go to boarding schools because day school is free,” he said.

Magoha stated that the books for the new syllabus, the Competency Based Curriculum for grade five, are currently available and have been distributed to 75% of primary schools.

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