NYS Salary In Kenya And Allowances Increase | Good News

NYS Salary In Kenya And Allowances Increase | Good News

National Youth Service (NYS) is a Governmental Organisation that was formed in 1964 whose main aim is to train young people on National matters.

It mentors youths through:

1. National Building Programmes.

2. Paramilitary and regimentation.

3. Technical and vocational training and various skills.

National Youth Service Salary In Kenya varies depending on the title and the job group that a person is in.

Recently, NYS salary in Kenya has increased with a high percentage of 3% thus earning more salary per month

Salary of a NYS ranges from as low as Ksh 18,000 to as high as Ksh.200,789. These salary figures includes all the allowances.

NYS Allowances

NYS servicemen and women are given allowances to cater for their expenses.

The president has increased the NYS Allowances from Ksh.500 to KSh.1000 and this was highly appreciated by the youths.

Example of allowances that they benefit from include:

a. House Allowance.

b. Hardship Allowance.

c. Medical Allowance.

d. NYS clothing Allowance, among other Allowances.

NYS Ranks in Kenya

National Youth Service has a certain hierarchy from the top who is the General Director to the least who are the newly recruited youths.

NYS salary in Kenya is give according to the rank thus the higher in the rank is given more salary

NYS Training

Many youths are curious to know how long is NYS Training before being recruited. The Standard training period in the National Training College in Gilgil and Naivasha is 6 months.

Here, thorough training is done on the youths for them to harden and become responsible in life.

Roles of National Youth Service in Kenya

This Organization has brought more good in the society.

Some of the benefits of National Youth Service are below and they answer the question “what is the work of NYS in Kenya “which has been recently asked by the majority that include:

1. Job creation program.

2. Long lasting stimulant in the Kenyan economy.

3. Creates teamwork and unity among the youths.

4. One will be able to join the military services in Kenya.

NYS salary Grades


In conclusion, National Youth Service has made many youths identify their worth. The majority have benefited from this organization since they have been able to secure good jobs even without graduating in the institutions.

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