Plumber Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Plumber Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Plumbing refers to any system that transports fluids for a variety of purposes. To transport fluids, plumbers utilize pipes, valves, plumbing fittings, tanks, and other devices.

Plumbing is used for a variety of purposes, including heating and cooling (HVAC), waste collection, and potable water delivery, although it is not restricted to these.

The question at stake here is; do plumbers get well paid? Yes. A plumber salary in Kenya is average of Ksh.60,000 per month with a starting salary of Ksh.27,000 to a maximum salary of Ksh.160,000 including all the allowances thus making a good money.

Highest Paid Plumber In Kenya

Are you curious to know who is the highest paid plumber in Kenya? The highest paid plumber in Kenya earns an average of Ksh.160,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Richest Plumber In Kenya

Currently, the richest plumber in Kenya takes home an average of Ksh.159,999 and works in Orchid Plumbing Company Limited which is located in Nairobi. He is one of the experts thus his services are more demanded by the public.

Marketability Of Plumbing In Kenya

Is plumbing marketable in Kenya? Yes. Plumbing is a more marketable course in Kenya due to the high demand that is arising as more people are building their houses and organizations.

Another arising question in this sector is “ is plumbing a good career choice in Kenya?”Yes.  Plumbing is a good career of choice due to its high paying wages at the end of every month as the amount of money on a monthly basis is what most people are upto.

Plumbing Courses In Kenya

Here are plumbing courses that one can pursue and the respective institutions:

1. Plumbing and Pipe fitting Course at Kenya Water Institute.

2. Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe Fitting at Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology.

3. Plumbing and Metal Work at St.Kizito Vocational Training Institute.

4. Plumbing Level 1-3 at Trident Vocational Training Institute.

5. Plumbing Pipe Fitter at National Industrial Training Authority.

6. Diploma in Plumbing and Drainage at Sensei Institute Of Technology.

Plumbing Vacancies In Kenya Today

Plumbing jobs in Nairobi and other places are very many. How to get plumbing jobs today is by applying and qualifying for the vacant jobs below:

a. Plumbers at Bestcare Facility Services, Nairobi.

b. Plumber Job at Flexi Personnel in Nairobi.

c. Plumber at KBR,Lamu.

d. Handyman Plumber at Upani in Diani.

e. Plumbing workshop Technician III at Mathenge Technical Training Institute.

f. Plumbing Workshop Technician at Corporate staffing.

g. Plumber at Victory Farms Limited.

h. Plumbers at Embu Water and Sanitation Company.

i. Sales and Service support Executive at Doctor Plumber Limited.

Apply for the plumbing jobs as early as now to avoid being left out.


Plumbing is a good business that creates job opportunities for many individuals. It has helped the country grow economically and reducing the unemployment levels in the country at large. Besides, one earns more salary per month that caters for the bills and savings.

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