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RFH hospital is a merger of diverse healthcare solutions that ensures wellness of family units in the community. The hospital has a large team of qualified service providers who ensures value proposition, distribution channels and customer relationships are well attended

The RFH targets quality services at affordable rates to low class and middle-class earners. Some of the hospital branches clinics at Kahawa West, Tala, Embakasi and Imara Daima.

RFH Hospital Meaning

Ruai Family Hospital abbreviated as RFH is the RFH hospital meaning.

RFH Hospital Location

  • Along Kangundo Rd,Behind Oil Libya, Ruai

RFH Hospital Address

  • Email: specialisthospital@rfhealthcare.co.ke

RFH Hospital Contacts

Use any of the following RFH hospital contacts to get more information an your desired service.

  • Phone: +254799 221 333
  • Phone: +254 799 221 313

RFH Hospital Maternity Charges

RFH healthcare maternity charges vary depending with the type of maternity service you are to undergo. The RFH specialist maternity charges including RFH specialist hospital maternity charges are as tabulated below:

RFH Maternity ServicesRFH Maternity Charges (Ksh)
Normal Delivery Without Hospital GynaecologistApproximately Ksh. 30,000
Normal Delivery with Hospital GynecologistApproximately Ksh. 60,000
Caesarian SectionApproximately Ksh. 110,000
Epidural Delivery for normalApproximately Ksh. 60,000
Epidural Delivery for Caesarian SectionApproximately Ksh 90,000
Private RoomApproximately Ksh8,000
RFH Hospital Maternity Charges

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Does RFH hospital accept NHIF?

Yes. The hospital is NHIF accredited and clients can use NHIF card in any of the hospital branches to access quality treatment. Active NHIF consumer can use their NHIF records to help pay the RFH maternity charges.

LINDA mama services are available. Be sure to consult the hospital about the service for more details.

Accredited Insurance Companies For RFH Hospital

The list can be endless. However, here are a few randomly selected insurance companies accepted by RFH:

  • APA Insurance
  • Afra Kamili
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Telkom Kenya Staff
  • UAP Insurance
  • Linda Jamii
  • Equity Bank Staff Medical Scheme
  • NHIF Civil Servants

Get details about Insurance Companies In Kenya including the amount of money they can pay for maternity and other services.

Ruai Family Hospital Maternity Packages

The RFH maternity packages include key services such as:

  • Antenatal Health
  • Midwife-assisted
  • Gynaecologist – assisted delivery.
  • Nutritional interventions
  • Early detection of pregnancy related complications

A detailed description of the service offered is as follows:

Prenatal Care

RFH team conducts triage to monitor the mother’s health tatus by comparing weight recordings. They also check on the activeness the baby with the help of qualified obstetricians and nurses.

If here are any sings of complications or hindrances to positive progress of the pregnancy corrective or preventive measures are taken to remedy the situation.

Normal Deliveries

RFH provides expectant mothers with specious and comfortable delivery rooms with full delivery equipment including; medications and ready to assist specialized staff. The assigned staff ensures that mothers deliver safely and the baby is well attended to with urgency.

Caesarian Section

The RFH gives women an option of operational birth to expectant women with high-risk pregnancies and those with already underlying health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.

They have dedicated surgeons and surgery related service providers who ensure smooth and successful operations. In case of babies born with medical complications such as premature, there are readily available incubators to enhance their safety.

 Postnatal Care

The RFH conduct follow up services to newly born babies and their mothers. The responsible team provides immunizations and vaccinations as per the KEPPI standards.

Growth monitoring is also done at triage. In case of Malnutrition, nutritional intervention is recommended, delayed milestones a specialist is recommended for further diagnosis.

Family Planning

The family planning department uses the FP platform to create awareness to the society by educating individuals on importance of family planning, types of family planning and their effects, and they help them select the best family planning.

The department also educates members on natural family planning practices for instance safe sex to both inpatient and outpatients’ mothers, couples and teenagers.

Some of the family planning methods include;

  1. Oral contraceptives,
  2. Use of condoms,
  3. Diaphragms,
  4. Depo,
  5. IUDs, among others

Other Services

  • Burns and Emergency UnitSurgery
  • Xray
  • Inpatient Services
  • Sonography Services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pediatrician Clinic
  • Dispensing Chemist
  • Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Services
  • General Consultation

RFH Branches

There are several RFH branches strategically located to meet their clients needs. The RFH Medical Centre Nairobi has gradually grown and have several other branches established to reach a wide range of clients.

Some of the branches in Nairobi include;

RFH Hospital BranchAddress
Ruai Family Hospital Ruai  Kangundo Road, Opp  Ruai Mosque, Nairobi
Ruai Family Hospital Embakasi  Svannah Business Centre, Nyayo Estate, Nairobi
Ruai Family Hospital Jacaranda  Jacaranda Gardens Clubhouse, Kamiti RD, Nairobi
RHF branches in Nairobi


Having factual statistics on the ranges of RFH hospital maternity charges can be a better way for planning to pay your RFH maternity charges. RFH specialist hospital maternity charges vary depending on the maternity services you choose. Also, RFH hospital accept NHIF. You can use the RFH hospital contacts to enquire more about your desired RFH branches.

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