SGA Security Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

SGA Security Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Security of a person and the entire organization is always a priority thus calls upon employment of SGA Security whose main mission is to support sustainable safety and security to customers and community at large by providing the best security solutions.

Have you ever wondered who owns SGA Security? The owner of SGA Security is Julius Delahaije.

He is the chairman and CEO of SGA Security who is keen to incorporate technology for maximum security efficiency.

SGA security guard salary in Kenya is an average of as Ksh.40,000 including all monthly allowances.

Besides, SGA salary can vary from employee to employee based on the work experience, role skills, location and gender.

Some other roles at SGA are high paying and one can earn even Ksh. 150,000 per month.

Other high paying roles include Risk Manager, Data Entry Clerk, Accountant, Fleet Tracking Officer, Group Business Controller, and Relationship Manager.

Watchman Salary In Kenya

How much does a watchman earn in Kenya? A watchman in Kenya earns a salary range of Ksh.10,000 (Lowest) to Ksh.45,000( Highest) per month.

This salary varies depending on the work experience, skills, among others.

SGA Training Schools

SGA Training school is found in Mukono-Katogo village where intakes are done every year. Tactical training is done so as to have competent staff who provide security to the society.

SGA Security Qualifications

For you to qualify the SGA recruitment, you out to meet these SGA security qualifications:

a. Minimum grade of D+ in the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE).

b. Age brackets of 20years to 38 years.

c. Minimum height of 5.8ft in Men and 5.4 ft. in ladies.

d. Original Kenyan identity card and a passport.

e. Certificate of good conduct.

f. Physically and medically fit.

Security Jobs In Kenya

Various security job vacancies available that you can apply now include but not limited to:

1. Security Guard at National Council of Churches of Kenya in Nairobi.

 2. Security Guards at Msis Security.

3. Security Guards at Tononoka Mvita.

4. Security Guard Job at Sanergy ,Ilara.

5. Security Guard Job at Corporate Staffing Services, Nairobi.


In summary, SGA Security has helped a lot by playing a vital role in offering a modern security to the society. Besides, one earns more salary per month including allowances that one benefits from being an SGA Security member.

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