St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Charges, Contacts, Services

St Mary's Hospital Langata Maternity Charges

Get all the quick facts about St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Charges, services, location, address, contacts, gynecologist, and many more.

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Maternity Charges Nairobi City are affordable and expect high quality services. Besides, both private insurance companies as well as NHIF can be used to pay your hospital bill. Expect to meet professional and experienced medical personnel to attend to your needs.

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Contacts

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Contact Number is

  • Phone 1: 0717 305 204
  • Phone 2: 0777 305 204
  • Phone 3: 0718 663 442
  • Phone 4: 0777 663 441
  • Tel: 020 785 1300
  • Email:

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Location

Near Police Dog Unit Rd, Otiende Estate Off Langata Rd, Langata, Nairobi

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Address

Otiende Estate Off Langata Rd, 3409-00506 Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Charges

The following table shows St Mary’s Mission Hospital Maternity Charges Nairobi City

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Maternity ChargesSt Mary’s Hospital Maternity Fees
Normal DeliveryKshs 18,000 – Kshs 25,000
Caesarian DeliveryKshs 40,000 – Kshs 60,000
St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Charges

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Consultation Fee

Consultation fee is Ksh. 100/= The fee is sufficient to consult a doctor and receive quality and affordable healthcare.

Does St Mary’s Mission Hospital Accept NHIF

Yes. St Mary’s Hospital accept NHIF. As long as you have been regularly paying your NHIF, then your hospital bill can be paid with the insurance.

Other private insurance that the hospital accept include:

  • Pacis
  • Britam
  • Takaful
  • CIC
  • APA

To see how much the private insurance can pay your hospital bill, visit Insurance Companies In Kenya.

For you to compare the St Mary’s Hospital maternity fees, check this Hospitals In Kenya

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Package

The maternity package include:

Gynecology And Obstetrician Service

Women with issues such as fertility complications, miscarriages, or any other complications can be handled by a gynecologists. Counselling, administration of family planning, menopause management, pap smear, and many more services are done.

Normal Delivery

Specialized midwives, nurses, and doctors assist women who can give birth naturally to receive their bundle of joy in good terms. Unless need for medical separation of baby, the newborn is left to bond with the mother in a private room.

Caesarian Delivery

In case of need of emergency delivery or complications resulting to need of caesarian services, theaters are ready with qualified personal to conduct the surgery. Elective caesarian is also conducted and the due date has to be scheduled by your doctor.

Antenatal Service

Regular maternity care is administered to expectant women to ensure both the health of mother and child are in good conditions. Medications, and scans are also administered as development progress is monitored. Extra assistance is given to those with complicated and high risk pregnancies by professional medics.

Prenatal Care

Follow up checkup of both baby and mother is done. Immunizations are also done to the newborns. Mother’s recovery progress is also monitored and further medical assistance offered in case need arises. Baby growth, and nutrition is monitored and professional advice offered.

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Visiting Hours

Best time to visit the hospital is late afternoons or at night since they open 24 hours a day. At night they only handle emergencies well, the labs are closed but the service is fast because the number of patients is low. Parking is adequate.

Besides, due to COVID 19 guidelines, time schedule and number of visitors was adjusted. Contact the hospital for precise time.

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Services

1. Accidents/ Emergency and Out Patient

The outpatient department provides diagnosis and care for all patients, those who do not require hospitalization as well the ones that require admission.

2. Inpatient Services

St Mary’s Mission Hospital, Nairobi, has a bed capacity of 320 patients. The services are geared towards ensuring that the patients receive quality care that will improve their prognosis.

3. Laboratory Services

The laboratory offers 24 hour service at affordable prices.

4. Ophthalmology

Eye clinic provides comprehensive eye services from screening of vision, treatment of common eye diseases, eye injuries, eye surgeries and eye glass prescription.

5. Comprehensive Care Clinic

This is a funded unit at the hospital that caters for All HIV & TB patients. It is a private unit that ensures patient comfort and confidentiality due to the nature of their condition.

6. Pharmacy Services

St. Mary’s Mission Hospital has three Pharmacies that offer expert care and quick service to our patients, employees and the general public.

7. Radiology And Sonography

Ultrasound, or Sonography, is a technique that uses sound waves to study and treat different areas of the body.

8. Dental Services

At St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata, the Dental and maxillofacial surgery specialists offers high-quality care for your oral or jaw-related problems, providing accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plans no matter how simple or complex your disease is.

Check Dental prices here

St Mary’s Mission Hospital Branches In Kenya

St Mary’s Hospital branches in Kenya include:

  1. St Mary’s Mission Hospital Nairobi also referred to as St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata
  2. St Mary’s Mission Hospital Elementaita, Nakuru County


St Mary’s Mission Hospital Langata Maternity Charges are affordable. Besides, the hospital has low consultation fees making it attractive for even the low income earners to afford medical assistance. There are many services offered at the hospitals including emergency services.

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