Tourism Management Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Tourism Management Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Before getting into salaries, we may begin by understanding some simple terms. First of all, tourism management is a field that includes all activities related to travel industries, hospitality industries and tourism industries.

As you know, tourists visit a variety of areas with good sceneries. In return, they come with lots and lots of advantages. Today you will be in a position of knowing tourism management salary in Kenya.

Tourism and hospitality management salary varies due to a variety of factors such as where one is working, who one is working for and general experience in the industry.

Tourism and hospitality management salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 37,000 -Ksh. 273,000 per month.

Tourism Manager Salary

A tourism manager is responsible for promoting tourism in their region. This promotion is done through campaigns and advertisements.

So, how much does a tourism manager earn in Kenya? A tourism management salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.200,000 per month. Tourism management jobs salary in Kenya can go as high as up to 270,000 per month.

Highest Paying Job In Tourism

What is the highest paying job in tourism may have been a bother to you. The highest paying job in tourism is Tourism Information Officer.

Tourist information officers provide information and advice to travelers about local attractions, events, travelling and accommodation. Some can earn on commission based pay.

Marketability of Tourism Management

Is tourism management marketable in Kenya? Yes. Among the most marketable courses in Kenya Tourism management is one of them.

Day in day out the need to manage and protect wildlife increases as more tourist get attracted to visit the wildlife.

As a result, there is high chances to secure a job in the tourism sector.

Tourism Management Jobs In Kenya

Career opportunities in tourism management are available in the following places;

1. Tourism officer Nyeri County

2. Personal Assistant at Kenya Tourism Board Nairobi

3. Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Nairobi

4. Personal Assistant at Kenya Tourism Board

5. Assistant Manager Research at Kenya Tourism Board

6. Tour Consultant N.C

7. Head of Tourism Marketing and Sales at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

8. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

9. Hotel Express International Jobs in Kenya – Travel Consultant

10. Tour/Admin Consultant at Authentic Kenya Connections

Other tourism officer jobs in Kenya can be found in game reserves, heritage sites and leisure companies among many.

I hope that this article was very helpful to you. In addition, I hope all the answers were provided to you as you asked.

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