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The world we are living in now goes with the trend. Everybody would like to use the latest equipment to make them look unique as compared to others. For instance the kitchen sinks. You would like your house to look modern with the best and stylish sinks. As a matter of fact, nobody would like to have a rusty kitchen.

Modern kitchen sinks in Kenya can be found in the nearest sink selling shop around you. You can get them at very affordable prices depending on your budget.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks in Kenya are the most preferred sink styles. Since they are stainless, they will always be clean as long as the user keeps washing them frequently. In addition, it doesn’t tend to get rust.

There are several unique kitchen sink types that can make your kitchen looking so good and unique. Below are some the types of kitchen sink found in Kenya.

Different Types of Kitchen Sinks in Kenya

1. Undermount Sinks

This type of sink is very unique and preferred by many. It makes a home look different and stylish. Also, they are customizable and seamless. It is mounted from under the kitchen counter thus the name undermount.

Despite it having some good features like being easy to clean, it also got some disadvantages which include;

  • Difficult to replace
  • Take up a lot of space.

2. Drop-in Sink

Among the most common types of sink is the drop-in sink. When you walk into different houses, there are higher possibilities that you find a drop-in sink. They are the oldest type of sink.

Advantages of drop-in sinks:

  • The sinks are easy to install.
  • In terms of cost, they are cheaper as compared to other sinks.
  • They are adaptable to different functions.

Disadvantages of drop-in sinks:

  • Take out counter space.
  • Things such as food particles and water tend to be caught up on the lip of the sink.

3. Farm House Sink

Farm house sinks are beautiful and spacious to suit the preference of the user. In essence, if you are that kind of person who has a lot of dishes, pans and pots to wash, then consider having a farmhouse sink.

The sink however has a disadvantage that is; since the sink is large and protrude to the cabinets, a lot of space will be used.

4. Top Mount Sink

Another known type of kitchen sinks is the top mount sink. These are the easiest to install since the sink is just placed on top of the countertop. In addition it is important to note that top mount sink does not give the seamless look. Also, cleaning this type of sink is little difficult and this can lead to build up around the rim.

Cost of Kitchen Sink in Kenya

You may want to be in a position of knowing double sink kitchen price in Kenya.

The cost of a double bowl kitchen sink in Kenya starts from as low as Ksh.28,000

Kitchen sinks in Nairobi are very affordable. All you need is money and the type of sink you would like to buy. Consider buying the best sinks for your own benefit.

Kitchen sinks prices in Kenya will vary depending on the type, the material, the model among others. This means that there are no fixed prices for all sinks.


Kitchen is considered the best part of the house. Therefore, it is a great idea to make it as lovely and unique as possible. One of the ways is to get yourself good looking kitchen sink and make a difference in your kitchen. I hope the review was of great importance to you and now is the time to make a change.

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