Vera Sidika Biography And Online Jobs

Vera Sidika Biography And Online Jobs

Quick facts about Vera Sidika online jobs is all here. The celebrity’s age, husband, children, online career, businesses, and net worth has been documented.

Vera Sidika is a popularly Known Kenyan socialite celebrity and entrepreneur. She has been featured in music videos performing with famous musicians from East Africa, and she is highly ranked among Kenyan Celebrities. She started as a video vixen and has risen to a strong business lady based in Mombasa with her family.

Vera Sidika Biography

Vera Sidika was born on 30th September 1989 and was raised in Mombasa. She performed well in her primary school studies and managed to pass her high school studies. She later joined Kenyatta University to pursue a course in Art and Design in 2009. Since her childhood, she has an interest in fashion, and at the age of 17, she started engaging in modeling contests as a plus-size model. Vera Sidika is said to have a brother called David Mung’asia.

Celebrated NameVera Sidika
Real NameVera Sidika Mung’asia
Date of Birth30th September 1989
Place of BirthMombasa
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse Name (Change if its boyfriend, girlfriend)Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika Biography

Vera Sidika Online Jobs

The celebrity has focused more on some of the best online jobs in Kenya some of which pays her good income that she can afford a luxurious lifestyle for herself and her family.


Vera has a large following on her YouTube channel, ‘VERA SIDIKA- OFFICIALY ON YOUTUBE’. Most of her fans being her followers on her Facebook account and her Instagram and Twitter handle. She shares more of her lavish lifestyle with her fans. Social media platforms has been one of her primary income sources in online jobs.

She talks about her skin, beauty, fashion, and business. Vera also entertains fans with music and other forms of entertainment.

Affiliate Marketing

Sidika has been a brand ambassador for beauty products for different companies such as Flat Tummy Tea Africa & E.A. The company has experienced great sales due to increased market demand for the product.

Online Marketing Influencer

She has taken advantage of her massive followers on her all-social media platforms, which amounts to millions of young people. The celebrity trades her beauty products and airs her opinions towards life revolving around her life and her environment. Mung’asia has changed people’s mindsets and improved the sales of beauty products largely.

Online Shop

The Kenyan celebrity owns a beauty parlor, Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor in Nyali Mombasa. The businesswoman has significantly invested in beauty products of every kind, which has brought her great fortune. Some of her store’s beauty products include; flat tummy products, Hair and Beauty products, Perfumes, and skin products. She uses her social media platform for product promotion. She has an online clothing shop where she has a variety of clothes o display.

Blogging/ Article Writing

Sidika is a blogger. She has used her blog to talk about her beauty products, such as the tea business that cuts belly fat, farm products, and many daily activities. Furthermore, she writes about overcoming daily challenges and skin therapies.

Net Worth Of Vera Sidika 

Her net worth is not publicly availbale online. However, she is estimated to be earning millions of money per year from her combine income sources. She runs diverse business ventures such as her online shop for clothes, Veetox Tea Business that she sells across the world the tea products burn belly fat.

Also, she has hair and beauty products in Nyali, home poultry farm, and also runs endorsements programs from several companies. Vera owns a luxury house in Kitisiru, an apartment in Kileleshwa, a land in Kilifi county, a range rover sports car, and a BMW worth millions. 


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Vera Sidika is one of the Kenyan female celebrities popularly known among the country’s top socialite celebrities. She has proven a legit way on how to make money online. She engages in online business marketing of products which is an example to the young generation on the existence of Jobs in Kenya on How to make money online. Through her positive impact of growing in business and being independent, Vera has motivated graduates to find Online jobs for students, which has been a distinctive way on how to How to make money online in Kenya. Vera Sidika has been able to make money online in Kenya through Best online jobs such as brand marketing which has empowered other upcoming visionary young ladies on different ways on How to earn money online.

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