Veterinary Medicine Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Veterinary Medicine Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Veterinary Medicine in Kenya forms the major part of animal health in both domestic and wild animals.

Vet services has helped in various ways such as economical benefits as wild animals are source of tourist attraction.

Veterinary doctor salary highly varies based on the skills, education level, working experience, location, among others.

However, there is always a certain range of salary for a vet in Kenya.

Average Veterinary Salary

So, how much does a veterinary doctor earn in Kenya? Veterinary medicine salary in Kenya is ranges from Ksh, 43,000 to Ksh.197,000 all allowances being inclusive.

What is the starting salary of a Veterinary doctor? Freshers vet Salary in Kenya starts at an average of Ksh.43,000 per month including all allowances.

However, freshers should be optimistic since despite the starting health salary in Kenya stagnating for a while, it will rise to an optimum as one advanced his or her expertise in the field.  

Veterinary Surgeon Salary

Veterinary surgeon performs operation services on animals with internal defects.

Veterinary surgeon salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.168,000 on a monthly basis including all the benefits.

Highest Paying Vet Job In Kenya

What is the highest paying Vet job? Zoo veterinary is the highest paying job in Kenya that pays the most salary per month.

Marketability Of Veterinary In Kenya

You may be worried and desire to know, is veterinary medicine marketable in Kenya? Yes, veterinary medicine is a more marketable course that is in high demand in Kenya offering various employment opportunities.

Do you part and gain the necessary expertise, you will surely get a job.

Besides, you can be employed in by the government of Kenya, private sectors, or by NGO.

Most interesting part is that you can employ yourself and start taking care of animals in your locality.

I believe there are so many animals there and low vet services, this is an untapped business of opportunity that you can venture.

Veterinary Medicine Requirements In Kenya

Veterinary courses requirements in Kenya include:

a. A minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education with a minimum of B- in Biology and other sciences.

b. Two principles and one subsidiary at KACE level one being Biology.

c. Cluster Points For Veterinary Medicine

d. Cluster points for Veterinary Medicine is 27.5678.

Certificate In Veterinary Medicine

For one to pursue a certificate in veterinary medicine in Kenya he or she must have:

a. Minimum grade of C- in KCSE

b. Minimum of C in Biology and other sciences.

Diploma In Veterinary Medicine

Diploma in veterinary medicine in Kenya requirements include obtaining a

a. Minimum average grade of C in the KCSE

b. Minimum of C+ in chemistry

c. Minimum of C+ in Biology.

Veterinary Medicine Courses In Kenya

Universities offering veterinary medicine in Kenya are as follows

1. University of Nairobi.

2. Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology.

3. Kisii University.

4. Meru University.

5. Mount Kenya University.

6. Kenyatta University.

7. Colleges offering Veterinary Medicine include:

8. Animal Health Industry Training Institute (AHITI).

9. Bukura Agriculture College.


To sum up, veterinary medicine is the best field more so to a person who is passionate about animals. Besides, veterinary is a promising career since it pays employees more salary per month.

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