What Business Can I Start With 1k In Kenya Today

What Business Can I Start With 1k In Kenya Today

Have you been jobless for so long? Or you are asking yourself what business can I start with 1k in Kenya? Don’t worry here are some of the jobs that can work with your amount of capital.

In this post, I’ll provide some of the greatest and most underutilized business opportunities you may pursue and start profiting from right away.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

16 Business To Start In Kenya With 1K Or Less

The following are cheap business to start in Kenya with as low capital as Ksh. 1k.

1. Essential oil

These essential oils may be, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, shea butter and coconut oil. The essential oils could help in terms of hair growth.

Many people have nowadays learned how to appreciate their natural hair. It is a dream of most people to look good with their hair.

Getting the required ingredients is not difficult. After you are through with the oils try selling them for relative prices you will be happy.

2. Street Food Business

When you walk around the streets everyone will be like ‘mwitu’ this is just a word used by many to refer to street food.

Well, you can start the business with 1k. for example you can buy eggs boil them and start hawking those eggs for instance.

Selling minced meat widely known as mtura. Well, this can be a good start over too. You can also sell bhajias and chips among other foodstuffs.

 3. Food Delivery

Food delivery is one of the most lucrative business to start in Kenya.

When you walk around the streets, during lunch hours you can see people delivering food to business guys and others. That is also a good idea.

You for instance can decide to cook food from home and deliver them to people working in shops and different places.

4. Handy Man

The word is widely known as ‘mtu wa mkono’. With this it is really quick to start over.

You can purchase your tools and start over. With your tools you can do a lot of repairs depending on your preferred niche.

5. Baking Services

Have you ever thought of getting bigger contracts out of your baking skills? You know what the good news is that you can start a baking company on your own.

Afterwards you can begin selling the cakes to people. Start over with your friends and they will refer their friends to you.

6. Tour Guide

You don’t require much knowledge to be a tour guide. The only qualification is being well vast with the area and being fluent that’s all.

So, you just need to get started with is a lunch box maybe and an umbrella. Be a tour guide and earn real money.

7. Resume Writing

Most people apply different jobs at different institutions.

To some writing of CVs may be difficult and for such cases they may require professional guidance. So, you can find those gigs and work as a freelancer.

8. Child Care Services

Most parents are always busy. And they have children. At some point the children might not have attained the schooling age.

If you are good with children, you can turn your home into a daycare or watch kids from their home.

9. Data Entry

As Kenya becomes a heavy user of technology, data entry has become one of the most popular business to start in Kenya even without capital.

With this form of job, you can start over even without capital. All you have to do is reach small businesses to pitch your services.

10. Beaded Jewelry

A lot of people earn big with beaded jewelry. A packet o beaded jewelry goes at about Sh. 100 on average.

So, with a packet if all goes well you can make up to 50 jewelries. Now think of selling one jewelry at Sh. 100. Isn’t that a great profit?

11. Laundry Business

With laundry business you just need to be hardworking. Here you don’t require any capital to start over.

When you look around you will find out that many people can not afford house girls. But the same people may offer to pay you after doing the cleaning. What are you waiting for?

12. Portraits Business

I am sure you have walked and visited different homes. On the walls you have probably seen portraits of the owners.

Well, have you ever thought how much the guy who did the portrait used? I am sure the portrait did not cost more than a canvas and a pencil.

Now think of the profit the guy made. You can start over from there and earn good cash out of your portraits.

13. Rent a Motorcycle

Here in our country, motorcycles are common means of transport. With your 1k you can start renting a motorcycle and pay the owner the required amount.

Obviously, you cannot fail to get a client or rather clients who need to reach various destinations. By the end of the day, you will end up even making higher profits.

14. Rent a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are commonly used by people who like camping activities. A used sleeping bag can range within Ksh. 600 to Ksh. 800.

After you have purchased the sleeping bag, you can make good money out of it through renting. Just rent at a fair price that cannot scare the client.

15. Freelance MC

Events are there almost every season. You can hear that one of your friends is having an event. Have you ever thought of being an MC in events? There’s nothing difficult about this.

All you need is courage to keep you moving. So, when you find the job as an MC then you need to demand for realistic payment. This will help you go along well as a beginner.

16. Mobile Movie Shop

You don’t need to hire a building to conduct this type of service. Mobile movies shop is among the business to start in Kenya in your own house.

You can start a movie selling shop at your own home. Normally a movie copied on a CD is Ksh. 50 think of selling about 20 per day isn’t that a good starting point? With this there is only one secret and that is patience.


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.


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Now you have a great picture of ‘what Business Can I Start with 1k in Kenya’. Take action, you have to do something. Good luck.

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