What Is The Cost Of Toyota Auris In Kenya Now?

Ever since Toyota manufactured the Auris, a lot of people have loved it and for that case they have been able to purchase it. For private means, Toyota Auris is the best. This is because it was designed in a very unique way to suit the owner’s preference.

In terms of fuel consumption, the vehicle is very economical, you can be able to travel a lot of kilometres without refuelling. Toyota Auris has also been designed to provide the comfort ability to the users.

Cost of Toyota Auris in Kenya ranges from Ksh.800,000 to Ksh.2.25 million. New vehicles cost higher than old ones.

Price of Used Toyota Auris in Kenya

Maybe your dream was to own a brand-new Toyota Auris. The money however is not that much. Instead of shuttering your dreams, you can get yourself a used Toyota Auris at a very good price and in very good condition.

The Price of used Toyota Auris in Kenya may vary depending on the seller. For instance, you can get yourself the vehicle from as low as ksh.800,000. Basically, that is the second-hand Toyota Auris price in Kenya.

Toyota Auris price in Mombasa Kenya

Toyota Auris price in Mombasa Kenya vary depending on the models. For older models, the price will is about Ksh.1.2 million and for newer models it is approximately Ksh.2 million.

That is a brief summary of the price of Toyota Auris in Kenya. Hopefully, you have a clear clue about the vehicle. If it has always been amongst your dreams to own the magnificent Toyota Auris, time to make your dreams come true is now. Get yourself the vehicle at affordable prices whether used or brand new.

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