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Swimming is a very interesting hobby. Apart from being a hobby, some people swim so as to earn money or win prizes. While swimming, you will need special clothes referred to as “swimming costumes”. The costumes are necessary because they are a sign of respect to others. There are different types and qualifications of swimming costumes. This difference brings about a variation in prices. 

Where to buy a swimming costume in Nairobi may be your point of interest. If that is it, then you are in the right place.

Here are some places among others on where to buy the costumes:

  1. Basic Intimates Westgate Branch.
  2. Mr Price Moi Avenue.
  3. Lingerie World.
  4. Thrift swimwear.
  5. MyCurves Lingerie Shop.  

The mentioned places answer the question on where to buy swimming costumes in Kenya.

Buy swimming costumes in Eastleigh at cheaper prices and change your swimming outlook today. 

Consider getting a swimming costume near you without necessarily spending much in terms of transport.

The price of a swimming costume in Kenya is as low as Ksh. 2000. The price vary depending on the type and quality of the costume.

Swimming Costumes for Ladies

Swimming costumes for ladies Nairobi is available across different shops and in open markets. The costumes can be found at very affordable prices and in good condition. This means that you can’t fail to get swimming costumes for ladies in Kenya. 

It is very important that you wear decent swimming costumes for ladies. This will greatly help you earn the full respect you deserve.


The next time you are going for swimming ensure you carry some swimming costumes. There are a lot of places in Nairobi selling swimming costumes at affordable prices. Visit any place nearby and get yourself some costumes.

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