Who Earns The Highest Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Who Earns The Highest Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

It is always normal to have people earning little salaries  and higher salaries. For instance, the salaries depends on which job one is doing and which position he or she is in.

You may want to be in a position of knowing who earns the highest salary in Kenya. If that is the case now don’t worry since you are at the right place.

So, who earns the highest salary in Kenya? The highest paid person in Kenya Government is the president of the republic of Kenya. A president basic salary in Kenya is Ksh.1,850,000 per month exclusive of all allowances. When all monthly allowances are included, president salary per month becomes Ksh.3,205,000.

Besides, being a person of the royalty family, the president and his family enjoys government protection in addition to payable allowances just to mention a few benefits.

Government Officials Salary In Kenya

Government officials play a very big impact in terms of running government procedures. Government officials are also responsible for protecting the government against domestic and external threats.

Government officials salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh.44,000 – Ksh. 106,000.

Highest Paid CEO

Who is the highest paid CEO in Kenya? The highest paid CEO is Gideon Muriuki who is the chief executive officer of Cooperative Bank. Annually, he gets up to 400 million salary.

Highest Paid Journalist In Kenya

The highest paid Journalist is Jeff Koinange. On monthly basis, Jeff earns a salary of Ksh. 2,000,000 per month.

Highest Paid Doctors In Kenya

Here is the average doctors salary in Kenya. However, here is a list of some highest paid doctors in Kenya;

  1. Dr. Becky Masau
  2. Dr. Becky Gikonyo
  3. Dr. Saroop Bensil
  4. Dr. Pancho Sharma
  5. Dr. Catherine Nyongesa

Kenyan Job With Highest Salary

You may be interested to know which job has the highest salary in Kenya? Some of the highest paying jobs in Kenya include but not limited to:

a. Piloting

b. Medicine

c. Politics

d. Actuaries

e. Information Technology

f. NGO

Up to this point I know you have all the knowledge about who is paid the highest salary and about the highest jobs in Kenya.

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