30 Business To Start With 500k In Kenya And Grow Your Wealth

30 Business To Start With 500k In Kenya And Grow Your Wealth

Here is a list of the most profitable business to start with 500k in Kenya specially selected for you.

The wide ranges of the business to start in Kenya can open up you thinking and help you choose the best business venture that you can run.

Businesses boost the Kenyan economy in various ways. Many successful people have invested their salaries into various business and they have improved their standards of living.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

Business to start with 500k in Kenya and thrive well are explained below:

1. Gym

Exercise is part of making one healthy. Gym is an excellent idea for providing these services.

Gym permit is ksh. 30,000, Machines ksh. 400,000, Trainers ksh 60,000. It earns more profit when situated in a tactical place.

2. Cosmetic Shop

Beauty in the current error is highly considered by many people.

This makes the cosmetic business to be on demand leading to huge profits.

3. Milk Pasteurization Plant

Farmers are stack on how to treat their milk for longer storage.

Milk pasteurizer, milk ATM and license are bought at the cost bracket ofksh. 500,000.

4. Taxi Business

This business is on demand due to the pandemic. Majority will go for taxi cabs than public vehicles such as matatus.

Get a second hand car, buy a license and insurance cover for the start.

5. Restaurant

Busy places such as near a university, markets, and others are good places for citing fast food restaurants.

It is highly profitable since stock is purchased at affordable wholesale price.

6. Playstation Business

Children and young people love videogames. Setting up a playing station in the residential area will attract more of them leading to higher profits making it a good business to start in Kenya.

7. Nyama Choma Joints

Grills are one of the fancy places that people go have their meat after their tour and even leisure time.

Setting near museums, reserves, among others attract more customers leading to increased income.

8. Agrovet Shops

Mainly deals with farm inputs such as seeds, pesticides, etc.

Many people are doing farming in their homes making this business more lucrative. Strategic position is also key in this business.

9. Wines And Spirits

Drinks are favourite stuff for Kenyans. Wines and spirits are bought at affordable prices and also sold at a higher price.

License is also required to set this business so as to avoid being disturbed by the law implementers.

10. Garage Business

Vehicles need service after every short period.

Millions of vehicles in Kenya facilitate this business. This makes it to be on demand.

11. Bouncing Castle

Children love to have fun during weekends and holidays.

Bouncing castle is used to entertain them and help them relieve school stress. More profits are earned in this business.

12. Selling Bottled Water

Many events buy bottled water for the guests.

Also, there are dry regions in Kenya which need this water supply in plenty. Charges are there for every litre thus earning profits.

13. Garbage Collection

Buying a second hand lorry or pick up will help in collecting garbage in the residential area.

Assuming each household pays ksh.450 for garbage collection, this means one will earn more money from this business.

14. Bodaboda Spare Parts Business

Spare parts are bought at an affordable wholesale price and sold out to bodabodas.

Due to availability of several motorcycles in every region leads to high demand of this service.

15. Large Scale Fish Farming

Fish is the common type of food in Kenya. Setting up a fish firm is very easy.

Commitment helps to keep the business going.

16. Chemist Shop

Supplies various types of medicine. Health is always put fast by every individual.

Also, many will go for chemists rather than hospitals so as to save on cost making it a good business to start in Kenya with 500k capital.

17. Cyber Cafe

Helps many people in doing thorough research since they are connected to internet full time.

Computer services are also offered here due to the high demand.

18. Spa

Massage is liked by many people since it helps the body relax. Citing in a suitable place will help this business pick.

Buying of machines and massaging oil, license and rent fees is all you require for the start.

19. Starting  A Day-care For Children

Many busy parents really need this service for their children. This makes it to have an aggregate demand.

Locate it in an urban setting where parents have white collar jobs.

20. Start Trading Forex

Currency trading is also a great business to start in Kenya.

Many people would love this since they also earn money.

21. House Painting Business.

Many houses are built in Kenya creating a demand for paints.

Diverse paint products can be bought in order to satisfy customer’s needs.

22. Start Event Planning Business

In this business, one is required to put together celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

One can specialize in one or decide to be diverse.

23. Clothes Designing And Printing

More profitable due to high demand of unique and classy designs. People like their names being printed on their clothes making it a legit business.

The necessary equipment needed are purchased at cheap prices.

24. Starting Computer Classes

Online staff has taken up everything globally. Majority would like to have computer idea so as to do the online staff.

Computers are key in setting up this business.

25. Fruit Farming

Fruits can be sold both locally and internationally. Surplus can be exportedearning high income to the farmer.

26. Bodaboda Business

Having various bodabodas and locating a stage for offering transport services to customers is a high earning profit business to start in Kenya that is underrated.

27. Starting A Mini Market

This shop sells majority of households which are mainly used at home.

28. Furniture Making (Sofa Sets, Dining Tables, Beds, etc.)

This requires wood as a capital and skilled personnel to start this high earning business in Kenya.

29. Setting Up A Timber Yard

Timber yard is one of the business to start with 500k in Kenya.

Find variety of trees and obtain wood from them and sell to your customers at affordable prices.

30. Tree Trimming And Cutting Business

Power saws, license and skilled personnel is all that is needed to start this business. This business has no time limit thus more flexible.


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.

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In summary, business to start with 500k in Kenya are very many and they earn more profits. Invest more in business world and smile tomorrow.

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