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The following is a Privacy Statement that is applicable to all Personal Information (discussed below) that would be received or collected by (name) from the website.

Important terms to note is that in this website (name) can be used as “we”, “us”, “our”,or “Kenyans Consult”

Important Definitions

As part of our privacy statement, it is important to understand the meaning of the following key terms.

“Website” means

“Personal Information” means information that is non public and an identifying entity to an individual directly or indirectly.

Personal information include name, home and email address, phone number, identification number, location data, or any identifiers that can be linked to physical, mental, genetic, economic, social, or cultural.

Personal information allows identification. Also, information collected that is anonymous, regarding a corporate entity or in a manner that cannot directly identify an individual is not categorized as a personal information. Unless the context may be required.

“Sensitive Personal Information” means information that can reveal ethnicity, race, religion, personal beliefs, information concerning sex or health life, genetic information or bio-metric data.

Our Privacy Principles

It is important to understand about the Personal Information we collect, and how the information can be used. Besides, in the instance you do not agree with our Privacy Information, do not use any of our website services.

Collection Of Personal Information

When visiting our website, you do not need to share any of your personal data when you can just get the information you need.

However, in the instance you desire more assistance, or services to be provided to you that requires you to share personal information, in this case you can provide.

Types Of Information We Collect

Not every kind of personal information we collect. Besides, you only fill the contact form when you think you need more services without any coercion.

In our contact form displayed in a number of locations in an article requiring you to take action, the following information can be collected

  • Your name: Personal Identifier
  • Your phone number: To be used to contact you
  • Your email address (optional): Get notified on updates and latest information
  • Where you live: Enhance service delivery
  • Services desired: brief idea of what kind of assistance you need

How Your Personal Information Will Be Used

Personal information allows us to do the following:

  • Enter a contract by contacting you
  • Respond to your queries
  • Connect you to an expert to give you more guidance
  • Send you updates
  • Send marketing information through emails, you can unsubscribe if you do not want to receive emails
  • Post testimonials, reviews, and comments on website, individual consent is sort prior posting testimonial on a blog

Information collected concerning you can be used to

  • Improve website service delivery
  • Improve content on the website

Information received from other sources

  • Referring the website to a friend or other platforms is allowed. Privacy policy still applies for anyone who uses the website.

Disclosure Of Personal Information

You agree that Kenyans Consult has the right to share your Personal Information with:

  • Our expert team to deliver desired services to you.
  • Third party service providers such as product suppliers who may collect your personal data to enhance service delivery requested.
  • If Kenyans Consult gets informed that a third party is disclosing or using Personal Information in a way that is contrary to Privacy Statement, we will take reasonable steps to stop, prevent, or disclose, or use the personal information.

Your personal information will be disclosed to third parties if

  • We buy or sell any assets or business. Your personal information will be disclosed to the buyer or seller of such an asset or business
  • Kenyans Consult or substantially all of our assets are required by a third party, in this case the personal information will be managed by the third party as part of the assets transferred.
  • Under legal obligations to disclose personal information based on terms of uses, or protection of safety, property, rights, our users, or others.

Legal Disclaimer

We reserve the right for full disclosure of personal information when required by the law as a way of complying to a court order, judicial proceeding, or legal process that is served by our website, or otherwise on request by a law enforcement.

Personal Information Security

We safeguard and protect collected personal information against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, destruction, or alteration. Industrial standard concerning the protection of personal information collected by us is followed.

However, it is important to not that no method of data protection during transmission or storage is 100% secure. However, we purpose to offer reasonable data protection of personal information we receive although absolute security cannot be guaranteed.

Note that Kenyans Consult is not responsible for any security issues concerning information you share over the networks or website that is not under our control.

Links To Other Site

Clicking links to a third party site will automatically lead a user to an external site, thus leaving our website. We are not in control or responsible for use of personal information from the third party sites.

Besides, we do not guarantee that third party site will upheld personal information privacy. It is thus important for a user to review privacy policy of the third party user from whom they intend to request a service.

Any individual clicking a third party site from our website is advised to read Privacy Statement prior sharing their personal information.

Cookies and Login

Website delivers cookies at several points. Cookies can be described as small text information that is sent to a use computer and stored such that your web content you search becomes user friendly, secure, and effective to suit your needs based on your search history.

Types Of Cookies We Use

1. Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies improves website functionality and makes it easier to use. Also, your personal preferences can be identified to be used to enhance your experience online

2. Performance Cookies

Performance cookies obtains statistical information of users on a website including frequency of use and visit to websites. Performance cookies can collect your personal information to ascertain your identity to allow us improve our website and service delivery.

3. Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are often used for technical purposes necessary to enhance the website functionality, navigation, and access by a user. For example, the necessary cookies allow debugging of errors. Blocking or disabling these cookies may inhibit a website functionality.

4. Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies can be used in gathering non-personal information concerning our site visitors thus enabling us to manage our content.

Choosing to use the website without disabling or blocking your cookies implies you have consented to the use of cookies in your browser. Learn more about cookie

Data Integrity

“site” uses the personal information collected for intended purposes it was collected or otherwise requested by the individual. We seek to collect complete, current, and accurate personal information.

Data Retention

We retain personal information as long as necessary with an intent to fulfill the purpose the personal information were collected. Other purposes for retaining personal information include legal, reporting and documentation, and accounting.

In order to establish the approximate retention period of personal information, we account for the sensitivity, nature, amount, potential risk from disclosure or unauthorized access, and purposes of processing the personal information including legal requirements.

 Your Rights

On request, you have the right to request your personal information held by Kenyans Consult about you.

The following are your rights concerning your personal information your share with us

  • Access to your personal information we hold about you
  • Correct errors about your personal information we hold about you
  • Have your information when it is deemed unnecessary for us to store as intended purpose of data collection has been accomplished
  • Refuse the use of your personal information in some circumstances such as to receive marketing news, or you no longer wish to use our services

No Fee Required

You do not have to pay anything to access your personal information. However, we can charge a fee if your requests are excessive or repetitive, or clearly unfounded.

Besides, we may not comply with your request to acquire your personal information if:

  • Incapability of proving your identity. You may be contacted to speed up service delivery
  • Time limit to respond will be given and you will be updated on the progress if need be

Dispute Resolution

In the instance you have complains or concerns concerning the website or our services, contact us first. We will investigate the complains and try to resolve the dispute.

In case you have concerns or complaints regarding the use of your information, contact us first we try resolve the issue together.

Where We Store Your Personal Information

All your information collected is securely stored within Kenya

Limitation On Application Of Privacy Policy

We may fail to strictly adhere to our privacy policy when

  • Data is required by legal authorities
  • Permitted under law, regulation, or rule to release the information

Changes On Privacy Policy

If Kenyans Consult decide to change the privacy policy, updates will be added into this Privacy policy, home page, or any other place deemed appropriate.

Kenyans Consult reserve the right to update privacy policy anytime. However, if any changes is to be done on the use of user personal information, communication on the same will be done through email, messages, or on website as deemed appropriate prior making the changes.

Do not continue or use our website in the instance you do not want your personal information to be processed.