Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Charges, Contacts, Services

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Charges

Free guide about Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Charges and package, consultation and admission fees, location, contacts, address, Avenue Hospital branches and many more. 

Avenue Hospital, Parklands, Nairobi, is one of the best level four private medical facility that offers maternity services in Kenya. The hospital is highly equipped with facilities as well as medical personnel ready to handle a wide range of issues including maternity clients, newborns, and any other medical needs.

Avenue Hospital Parklands Contacts

Phone 1: 0711 060 100

Phone 2: 0732 175 100

Phone 3: 0732 175 000

Email: info@avenuehealthcare.com

Avenue Hospital Parklands Location

Avenue Hospital in Parkland Kenya is located along 1st Parklands Avenue, Nairobi Kenya

Avenue Hospital Parklands Address

Avenue Hospital Postal Address is

1st  Parklands Avenue

 PO Box 35534 00200

 Avenue Hospital Consultation Fees

All Avenue Hospital branches consultation fee is Ksh. 1550 per single visit.

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Package

The hospital maternity unit is highly specialized to handle diverse delivery issues. The following are Avenue Hospital maternity fees for Parklands branch. 

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity PackageCharges Per Visit
Maternity Booking DepositKsh. 5,000
 Normal Delivery Package
It includes: 3 day stay, dressing and drugs
Ksh. 30,000
ABC Maternity PackageKsh. 130,000
Midwife Delivery PackageKsh. 40,000
Exra Days for MotherKsh. 5,500
Extra Days for BabyKsh. 2,800
Incubator Charges Per DayKsh. 7,500
Replacement of Birth Notification FormKsh. 4,00
Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Charges

Note that dressing, drugs, laboratory and radiology services are charged as used.

Does Avenue Hospital Accept NHIF for Maternity?

Yes. Both inpatient and outpatient services can be paid with NHIF.

Avenue Hospital Parklands Hospital NHIF Code is 8000138

Besides, you can compare Avenue hospital maternity fees with other reputable hospitals in Kenya here. Many private insurance can also pay your medical bill and you can see how much insurance companies in Kenya can pay your bills. 

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Theatre Charges

Maternity Theatre ServicesCharges Per Visit
Operating Theatre Charges
the first 30 minutes
Ksh. 13,000
Operating Theatre Charges
for each 15 minutes thereafter
Ksh. 6,250
Minor Theatre Charges per 30 minutesKsh. 7,500
Image Intensifier Charges the first 30 minutesKsh. 6,000
Image Intensifier Charges
for each 15 minutes thereafter
Ksh. 2,750
ECT Charges Per SessionKsh. 8,500
Recover Room Charges the First 3 hoursKsh. 4,000
Recovery Room Charges Each Additional HourKsh. 7,000
Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Theatre Charges

Avenue Hospital Parklands Charges Based On Clinics

Various clinics based on wide range of needs are charged differently. Here is a brief overview that can be helpful you.

Avenue Hospital Parklands FeesCharges Per Visit
Antenatal Clinic ConsultationKsh. 1650
Well Baby ClinicKsh. 700
Executive Well Baby Clinic
At AHC Lifestyle Clinic Only
Ksh. 1,500
Specialist Consultation At AHC
(Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Pediatrician,
Orthopedic, Diabetologist, VCTT)
Ksh. 2400
Specialist Consultation At AHC Non-Clinical DaysKsh. 2,700
Avenue Hospital Parklands Fees

Avenue Hospital Parklands Admission Charges

The following is the Avenue Hospital admission fees

Avenue Hospital Admission Charges
Inclusive bed/room charges
Charges Per Visit
Admission Fee PackageKsh. 1,500
Medical CasesKsh. 15,000
Surgical CaseKsh. 30,000
Critical Care (HDU)Ksh. 50,000
Avenue Hospital Admission Charges

Avenue Hospital Branches                      

Avenue Hospital Thika

Location: Third Floor Zuri Centre Nakumatt Building

Contacts: 0711 060 800 or 0711 060 801

Avenue Hospital Garden City

Location: Second Floor, Garden City Mall

Contacts: 0732 175 230 or 0711 060 230

Avenue Hospital Kisumu

Location: First Floor, Al-Imran Plaza Oginga Odinga Street

Contacts: 0725 589 246

Avenue Hospital South C

Location: First Floor, Kenol Kobil Complex

Contacts: 0711 060 270 or 0732 175 270

Avenue Hospital Greenspan

Location: Ground Floor, Greenspan Mall

Contacts: 0732 175 240 or 0711 060 240


Avenue Hospital Parklands maternity charges are based on the maternity package that suits you. Nevertheless, the hospital has a good reputation of offering high quality services. Besides, NHIF and other insurance companies can pay your bills. Also, there are so many Avenue hospital branches in Kenya that you can visit any facility that is near you.

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