Avril Biography And Online Jobs

Avril Kenyan Singer Biography

All about the Kenyan female celebrity Avril is here including her online jobs. Avril is not only famous but also rich. She does legit online jobs in Kenya that has significantly increased her net worth.

Avril is a popular Kenyan singer, songwriter, and musician. Her light started shining in 2007 with secular music. She has worked hard to rise to the ladder of fame and has won several awards. Besides, she has a good reputation.

Avril Biography

Avril Kenyan singer was born on 30th April 1986 to her father and mother. She was raised in Nakuru in a middle-class family. Avril performed well in her primary and secondary studies and later joined Nairobi university to pursue a career in design.

Her love for music manifested in her childhood and school drama and music festivals. At the university level, she took a degree in art, fashion, and design. Avril was then passionate about her music career, and she invested most of her time in it. She has then gradually grown to her current opposition.

Celebrated NameAvril        
Real NameJudith Nyambura Mwangi
Date of Birth30 April 1986
Place of BirthNakuru
Nationality           Kenyan
Marital StatusSingle mother
Spouse Name (Change if its boyfriend, girlfriend)                 None
Children                Yes
Avril Biography

Online Jobs Done By Avril


Avril has maximized the use of her YouTube channel that has led to her increase in fame. With millions of followers from her other social media platforms, she has managed to market beauty products from different companies and other accessories. She also shares her private life with her fans, including places she tours and her daily experiences.

Affiliate Marketing

Avril is a brand ambassador. She has marketed different company products such as Oriflamme Cosmetics in Kenya. She claimed to have used the products, which positively affected the beauty products seen on Avril’s skin tone. Avril was selected as the OPPO Reno 3 phone brand ambassador with a masterpiece camera for one year.

Online Marketing Influencer

Through her social media platforms, Avril has influenced many of her followers to purchase online products from affiliated companies. Her impute positively increased the market structure due to the high demand for products by funs. Avril has also changed lives through her peaceful campaigns. She was involved through her social media platforms in 2015.

Net Worth of Avril

Avril’s Net worth is estimated to be more than Ksh. 5 million and calculated from her earnings. Aril has served as a secular musician since 2007. She has engaged in acting and film production, which have added to her net worth.

In 2015, she actively participated in humanitarian works for Non-governmental organization preprograms (ARMREF) and others. Being a brand ambassador, she has received endorsements from different companies, not forgetting her design projects added to her income.


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Online Jobs In Kenya Done By Kenyan Celebrities


Avril is a celebrated Kenyan icon among Kenyan celebrities with a great sense of fashion that distinguishes her from celebrities. Being a brand ambassador for capital companies in the country, she has emulated great ways on how to make money online in Kenya other than career-paying jobs in Kenya. 

As a young female with success, she has impacted the young generations on How to earn money online through her Legit online jobs in Kenya. Avril has challenged even campus students to find the Best online jobs since one cannot miss out on Online jobs for students as a side means to Make money online in Kenya.

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