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Forex traders need to have the best forex trading tools. With the eventual changes in the market, forex traders must be familiar with the latest developments and market conditions. However, previously forex trading was all about using technical analysis. But presently, it requires a lot more than relying on technical analysis. Therefore, several tools help in forex trading. These tools help to boost your performance as a trader. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the best tools for forex trading.

What to Consider in Forex Tools?

Before proceeding further, let’s have a look at some points that you should consider before choosing the forex tools. Here are some characteristics that you must consider in forex tools:


It is the very first point that you should consider while you are choosing a forex tool. However, most tools used by trading platforms or broker websites are reliable. Still, you should test them properly to be sure.


While you are choosing a forex tool, you should consider affordability. There are many cheaper solutions for this purpose. To make money, it is not necessary to always invest a huge amount. So you can go for the affordable options as well.


When you are investing in a forex tool, you must want it to be functional enough. Therefore functionality is a significant concern while you are choosing a tool. Consistency and functionality are very important to consider so that you can entirely rely on that particular forex tool.

Suitable Tools for Forex Trading

Well, now let’s have a look at the best forex tools. We recommend you use these tools to get a profitable result in forex trading.

Trading Journal

When you are investing in forex, the first thing you must have is a trading journal. This particular tool is very important for traders. It is beneficial for new traders, especially those who are still learning about trading. Trading journals help traders to learn about their trading habits.

Once you start trading in forex, you will be familiar with many other traders in a short time. Writing down in a trading journal will help you to remember every detail of trading. Thus, you can keep accurate records with so many details. You also can include the reason for starting trading and how it went down with time.

All these small points will help you to improve your trading habits and become a successful trader. It will also let you understand where you made mistakes and where you should work on more.


There are several types of calculators that help you out with trading. The various types of calculators used for trading are;

Pip calculator

Pip value calculator  is an amazing tool for forex trading. In forex markets, pips are very important as the price movements are constant and fast paced. And, traders need to track these movements to get a more accurate idea about the currency. Pip calculator lets you determine the exact amount of worth per pip. For doing so, it uses the local currency’s position size. This calculator displays a particular currency pair’s value based on a standard-lot, mini-lot, and micro-lot.

Volatility calculator

This calculator uses data according to the change of currency in the past and helps to determine the currency’s potential moves in the future. Most currencies tend to repeat the same story. So, there would be a similar drop or jump at a similar time. After knowing the currency’s historical volatility, you can use this calculator to predict its movement.

Margin calculator

You can use the margin calculator to determine the required amount to open a position in a trading account and maintain it. This calculator gives you the required margin and the margin percentage.

Some other essential calculators are; profit calculator, currency converter, and time zone converter.

Economic calendar

It is another vital forex trading tool for traders. If you prefer to plan your entire trading week, then this tool will be apt for you. You can use this calendar to list significant events so that you can remember them all. So, create a calendar for yourself so that you can keep an eye on the important dates. Also, make sure to include how much every event impacted the currencies you are interested in. It will help you to determine how the market will react to the same news in the future.


Hopefully, now you have enough ideas about the forex trading tools. These tools are quite easy to use. In forex trading, all you need is experience and information. These particular tools help you to gather information and determine the best action at any given moment.

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