Cost Of A Printer In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Cost Of A Printer In Kenya Today | New Market Price

A printer is an electronic device that accepts data from a computer and transfers the information into paper work. Printers make work easier for companies, schools, cybers, among others.

There are various types of printers in Kenya but the most known non impact printers are the laser jet printers and ink jet printers. Printers in Kenya are always affordable only if you have a proper plan of finances.

The cost of a printer in Kenya which ranges from Ksh.5,000 to Ksh. 250,000.

This cost varies based on the quality of the printer, type of the printer etc. Besides, there are other cheap printers in Kenya that are affordable and for this reason I am going to show you various types of printers and their prices.

Types of Printers in Kenya and Their Cost

One of the common printers in Kenya is Epson printer. Price of Epson printer in Kenya is Ksh.26,000. Epson printers are also appreciated as they occupy a smaller space.

Apart from this, hp printers are also available in the Kenyan market today. Price of hp printer in Kenya ranges from Ksh.5,500 to Ksh. 15,000. This prices are quite affordable for any individual.

Laser jet printers are the most commonly used printers in institutions. Laser jet prices in Kenya ranges from Ksh.35,000 to Ksh.125,000. They are quite expensive but they deliver quality work.

Cost of Maintaining Printers in Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the cost of maintaining printers in Kenya which costs an average of Ksh. 4,000 although maintaining cost varies based on the damage of the machine.

Routine printer maintenance can involve activities such as:

  • Remove dust as part of the printer maintenance regimen.
  • Cartridges should be cleaned.
  • Correct mechanical flaws.
  • Carry out periodic maintenance.


Printers are the very best venture when it comes to printing business. They require the less amount of cash to buy a printer and also maintaining it. I hope this article has been an eye opener for you hence help you avoid being overcharged.

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