Cost Of Kentank In Kenya | Latest New Prices

Cost Of Kentank In Kenya | Latest New Prices

A Kentank is a water storage device use to hold large capacities of water. Kentanks come in all colors and shapes.. However, most of the Kenyan communities prefer black and round Kentanks. Kenanks are environmentally friendly and can serve both for domestic and commercial services.

Kentank prices in Kenya depends on the water carriage capacity. The cost of Kentank in Kenya can be as low as Ksh. 3,000 to as high as Ksh. 250, 000. That is the range of cost of Kentank in Kenya.

Kentank Price List

If you need delivery services, you will be charged more than the customers buying and collecting the tanks for themselves. The pricelist below consists of some of the tank price and the delivery fee.  

500L to 2500L Kentank Prices

kentank 1000 litres price in kenya ranges between Ksh. 7,500 to Ksh. 9,000.

  • 500L- Approximately Ksh. 4,500- Ksh. 5,400
  • 1,000L- Approximately Ksh. 7,500 to Ksh. 9,000
  • 1,500L- Approximately Ksh. 10,500 to Ksh. 12,600
  • 2,000L- Approximately Ksh. 12,700 to Ksh. 15,240
  • 2,300L- Approximately Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 18,000
  • 2,500L- Approximately Ksh.17,000 to Ksh. 20,400

2500L to 5000L Kentank Prices

kentank prices 3,000 litres prices is approximately Ksh. 19,000 to Ksh. 22,800

kentank 4,000 litres price is approximately Ksh. 28,200 to Ksh.33,840

kentank 5,000 litres price is approximately Ksh. 33,000 to Ksh. 39,600

Above 5000L Kentank Prices

  • 6,000L- Approximately Ksh. 40,000 to Ksh. 48,000
  • 8,000L- Approximately Ksh. 57,000 to Ksh. 68,400
  • 10,000L- Approximately Ksh. 65,700 to Ksh. 78,900
  • 16,000- Approximately Ksh. 140,000 to Ksh. 168,000
  • 24,000L- Approximately Ksh. 240,000 to Ksh. 288,000

Note that, Kentank prices 3000 litres may be about Ksh. 20, 000 without delivery. while Kentank 10,000 litres price may be approximately Ksh. 69,900 without delivery. Don’t forget that, 10,000-liter water tank price Kenya may also differ depending on the supplier.

Kentank Contacts

Off Airport North Road, Embakasi.
PO box 42168-00100. Nairobi

Tel: +254 202519098 / +254 202519099
Cell: +254 722206378 / +254 707490699

Roto Tank Prices In Kenya

Roto Moulders Limited is a registered company, that deals with manufacture of water tanks and other plastic containers. Roto products can be domestically or commercially applicable. The tanks can be acquired in all sizes, colors, shapes and materials.Some of the prices include;

100L to 1000L Rota Tank Prices

  • 100L- Approximately Ksh. 1,850
  • 140L- Approximately Ksh. 2,000
  • 750L- Approximately Ksh.  7,000
  • 920L- Approximately Ksh. 8,800
  • 1000L- Approximately Ksh. 9,000

Above 100L Rota Tank Prices

  • 1350L- Approximately Ksh. 11,900
  • 1,500L- Approximately Ksh.  12,200
  • 1900L- Approximately Ksh. 14,200
  • 2,000L- Approximately Ksh. 16,200
  • 2300L- Approximately Ksh. 17,800
  • 2500L- Approximately Ksh. 19,000
  • 3,000L- Approximately Ksh. 21,700
  • 3,200L- Approximately Ksh. 25,000, among others

Wrap Up

I hope this article provided you with key information on the, cost of Kentank in Kenya. The cost of water tank in Kenya can highly be determined by the tank’s make, manufacturers, distributors and distance to customers with delivery requests. Select your own choice tank depending on the purpose at favorable prices.

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