Cost of Rav4 in Kenya Now

RAV4 stands for a Recreational Active Vehicle with a 4 wheel drive. A Rav4 is a Toyota brand car that offers luxurious rides and comforts. Just like what it stands for, Rav4 is the best venture for recreational purposes as it can drive on any road in Kenya without difficulties. Let us get to the cost of the new Rav4 in Kenya. Are you looking to buy Rav4 in Kenya?

The cost of Rav4 in Kenya is an average of Ksh.6,000,000 for the latest version (New Model). The Rav4 model price has been rising because of the upgraded version that is released almost yearly making it quite expensive compared to the old model Rav4 which was averagely Ksh.3,000,000.

Special Features of Rav4

These are the unique features that Rav4 new model possesses that make it stand out as the best car for you. These special key features include:

  1. Proximity keyless entry.
  2. Heated outside mirrors.
  3. Dual zone automatic climate control.
  4. An eight way power.
  5. Automatic headlights.
  6. For additional USB ports.
  7. Fuel type is Gasolir.
  8. 60 litres  fuel tank capacity.
  9. Engine capacity 2L and 2.5L.

Used Rav4 Prices in Kenya

Besides, you may not have sufficient funds to buy a brand new Rav4 new model. Do not worry about it as I got you covered. I am going to show you a second-hand Rav4 new model price in Kenya. A used Toyota Rav4 price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 2,000,000 to Ksh.3,500,000 depending on the vehicle’s condition.


In the end, we get to know Rav4 as an affordable luxury car in Kenya that also requires a minimum maintenance cost. Get your money together and get a new model Rav4 either brand new or second-hand.

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