Cost Of Studying PHD In Kenya | Latest New Fees

Cost Of Studying PHD In Kenya | Latest New Fees

PHD is the abbreviation of Doctor of Philosophy which is commonly a doctoral degree awarded to graduates in different fields. PhD holders are considered very intelligent thus given promotions at work. This leads to high paying salaries ushering graduates to freedom of finances.

For you to study a PhD in your university of choice, you have to consider various factors to avoid inconveniences such as dropping out of school due to lack of finances.

The cost of studying PhD in Kenya which is averagely Ksh.150,000 to Ksh.350,000 per year.

The fee varies based on factors such as type of course you are undertaking, learning institution, among other factors.

Kenyatta University PhD Fees Structure

Kenyatta University PhD Fees Structure is among the most affordable in Africa, which is why many students prefer to pursue their doctoral degrees from this institution. The fees for doctoral studies at Kenyatta University are very reasonable and provide excellent value for money. In addition, there are a range of scholarships and financial assistance programs available to help you finance your studies.

The cost of PhD in Kenyatta University which costs an average of Ksh.200,000 for East Africa students and Ksh.250,000 for non-Africa students per year. PhD fees in Kenyatta University varies depending on the course and the nationality.

University of Nairobi PhD Fees Structure

The University of Nairobi offers a variety of tuition fee structures for PhD students, depending on their residency status and program of study. International students, for example, may be required to pay more than local students in order to offset the cost of international airfare and other expenses. In addition, some programs may require different fees from those that are standard.

However, University of Nairobi PhD fees structure ranges from Ksh.150,000 to Ksh.325,000 per year. This cost caters for every item needed per year of study.

JKUAT PhD Fees Structure

JKUAT also offers a PhD in various courses.The PhD program at JKUAT is a research-oriented doctoral degree that is designed to develop scholars who can contribute to their chosen fields of study. The program offers high-quality education and research opportunities, and prepares students for careers in teaching, research, and other professional positions.

JKUAT PhD fees structure is averagely Ksh.220,000 per year. This cost includes tuition fees and examination fees.

You may also wish to be enlightened about USIU PhD fees which ranges from Ksh.156,000 to Ksh. 350,000 per year.

Requirements For PHD In Kenya

  1. A recognized certificate by the Kenya National Examination Council.
  2. A two-year masters from accredited university.
  3. Three years post graduate experience in the subject area.

These are some of the requirements needed when pursuing a PhD.


Enrolling for a PhD will  help you a lot when it comes to exposure in the subject area. Besides, it will help you gain more knowledge and also get promoted in your working field. Enroll today and pursue your PhD in your university of choice.

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