Cost of Subaru Forester in Kenya Right Now

Did you know that Subaru Forester is the best Subaru brand that many aspire to own? Subaru Forester has a compelling history that makes it a more interesting Subaru brand. Besides, Subaru Forester is among the top-notch luxurious cars in Kenya that offer comfortable rides. Are you interested in knowing the price of Subaru Forester in Kenya?

The cost of Subaru Forester in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 2,500,000 to Ksh.6,000,000. The price of a brand new Subaru Forester in Kenya differs as per the type of Subaru Forester one wants to buy.

Subaru Forester New Model Price

Subaru Forester new model price in Kenya is typically Ksh.5,800,000. This new model is quite expensive due to the countless upgraded features that it possesses.

Subaru Forester XT Price

You may also want to know the price of Subaru Forester XT in Kenya which is basically Ksh. 3,267,000. Subaru Forester XT is highly known for its superiority.

Old Model Subaru Forester Price

There are old model Subaru Forester versions that are still on the market today. Old Subaru Forester costs an average of Ksh.1,500,000. It is cheap due to the fewer features it possesses.

Second-hand Subaru Forester

Sometimes, you may want to drive a Subaru Forester yet you don’t have enough funds for a brand new Subaru. You can as well buy a second-hand Subaru Forester. The price of a used Subaru Forester ranges from as low as Ksh. 450,000 to as high as Ksh. 3,000,000. Used Subaru Forester varies in price due to the model and the condition of the car.

Cost of Maintaining Subaru Forester in Kenya

It is also important to know the cost of maintenance of Subaru Forester in Kenya which is roughly Ksh.350,000 per annum. It has a minimum maintenance cost thus no loss.

Distinctive Features of Subaru Forester

There are various distinctive features that Subaru Forester has that makes it the crowned car:

  • Is an off-road vehicle.
  • Symmetrical all wheel vehicle.
  • Standard eyesight driver assist technology.
  • Rear seat reminder system.
  • LED steering responsive headlights.
  • Subaru star link.


Subaru Forester has many privileges. Go for Subaru Forester today and you will not regret it. Besides, it has an added advantage of minimum maintenance cost that helps you save more.

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