Cost of Wheelchair in Kenya, Affordable Types & Where to Buy

Wheelchairs play an important role in helping people with disabilities or other health conditions maneuver around without any difficulties. The invention of wheelchairs has really brought more benefits to society, as it solves the problem of people being unable to walk with their feet.

There are various types of wheelchairs in Kenya that I am going to take you through together with their costs so that you will be able to choose the type of wheelchair that you want.

Let us get started on the cost of a wheelchair in Kenya.

The cost of wheelchair in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 12,000 to as high as Ksh. 300,000. The cost highly varies depending on the type of the wheelchair, size and the wheelchair dealers in Kenya.

Various Types of Wheelchair & Their Prices

An Electric Wheelchair

There is an electric wheelchair type in Kenya. This is the best wheelchair since it eases the movement of a person. Prices for electric wheelchairs in Kenya range from Ksh. 128,000 to Ksh. 178,000.

Automatic Wheelchair

You may also be interested in knowing the automatic wheelchair price in Kenya, which ranges from Ksh. 200,000 to Ksh. 300,000.

Tricycle Wheelchair

Another wheelchair type is the tricycle wheelchair, which is commonly used by common mwanainchi in Kenya. The average price of a tricycle wheelchair in Kenya is Ksh. 55,000.

You may also wish to know about wheelchairs for sale in Kenya, which are:

  1. Jiji.
  2. Jumia.
  3. Kilimall.
  4. Health facilities.

You can as well get free wheelchairs in Kenya from the Walkabout Foundation, which majorly donates wheelchairs to the disabled.


To sum up, wheelchairs in Kenya have enabled people to go on with their normal lives regardless of the fact that they are unable to walk. Wheelchairs have made it easier for the disabled as well as those unable to walk due to some health conditions or even old age. They are able to access various things on their own without being closely monitored. As a matter of fact, wheelchairs are sold at relatively affordable prices in Kenya.

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