Film And Animation Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Film And Animation Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Nowadays, entertainment is very important. After people are from their jobs, they find time to watch animations or films to enjoy themselves. Thus, the film people play a great role in our lives.

Film and animation are all approaches other than continuous shooting of live-action pictures used to create movies using drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of static things.

Maybe you are eager to know film and animation salary in Kenya. Film and animation salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 28,000 to Ksh. 200,000.

Film Production Salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh.30,000- Ksh.162,000. Basically that is a film producer salary in Kenya.

Film Director Salary in Kenya

In terms of directing a film, film directors play a very fundamental role. Without them the film may not be that awesome. If you want to know film director salary in Kenya then you are at the correct place.

A film director salary in Kenya is as high as Ksh. 8,000,000 per year.

Imagine all that money without much struggles if you are an expert animator!

Animators In Kenya

Animators in Kenya have made a lot of cash out of their career. Animation is a field with no much competition since it is a technical field that attracts a few population. There have been instances where animators in Kenya have earned millions.

3D Animation Salary

Animation is almost everyone’s happiness be it children or even adults.  Companies go even further producing advertisements using animations. They do this because they will take attention of their audience.

Here in Kenya 3D animation salary goes up to Ksh. 125,000 per month.

Successful Animators in Kenya

Some of the famous animators in Kenya are;

1. Anthony Mwangi

2. Ian Okinda

3. Kennedy Onyango

4. Adrian Thiongo

5. Kennedy Kimeu

Film And Animation Courses In Kenya

In Film and animation courses in Kenya people learn

  • Pre-production,
  • Post production,
  • Visual effects,
  • 3D and 2D animation,
  • Sound editing
  • Film making.

Bachelor Of Film And Animation In Kenya

You may want to understand what is bachelor of film and animation in Kenya. Basically this is a four year degree course where some concepts such as sound, editing, screen writing and directing are implemented.

Film and Animation Jobs In Kenya

Here are some places where film and animation jobs in Kenya are offered;

a. Advertising agents

b. Video games development

c. Special effects

d. Web animations

e. Film companies

Above is the summary of what film production and animation is. Let me hope the article was helpful to you.

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