Flaqo Raz Biography And Online Jobs

Flaqo Raz Biography And Online Jobs

Flaqo Raz is one of the most successful Kenyan celebrities who engages in online jobs. Here is a detailed overview of the celebrities career, net worth and biography.

Flaqo was born on Christmas day, which has led most of his friends to call him Emmanuel or Noel. He grew up in humble beginnings, being the firstborn among three siblings. He attended Xaverian Primary School.

Later, he joined St. Mary’s High school. Raz graduated from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology with a degree in Public health in 2018.

Flaqo Raz Biography

Celebrated NameFlaqo Raz/ Mama Otis
Real NameErastus Ayieko Otieno
Date of Birth25th Dec
Place of Birth    Aga Khan Hospital
Marital Status   Single
Spouse Name (Change if its boyfriend, girlfriend)None
Flaqo Raz Biography

Online Jobs Done By Flaqo Raz


He is a widely known Kenyan comedian whose comedy features a funny family living together. Other than comedy, Mama Otis is also an upcoming musician in the music industry doing RnBs majorly.

His comic content has been his breakthrough to fame after many years of struggling with raising to fame through music. Flaqo has a trending YouTube channel with his uploads of funny videos. His ability to play more than one character has ranked him higher than other comedians.

He has many followers on his Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter handle, and YouTube channel. His fans enjoy all kinds of entertainment.

Blogging/Article Writing

The comedian is a blogger. He writes comic articles to reach his audience. He has aired his mind out to the public through the articles that depict good character and behavioral manners that have been abandoned through civilization. He has been able to influence family ties and relationships through his blog.

Affiliate Marketing

The celebrity has been a brand ambassador for a number of companies, including; Samsung for 7 months, Yola, Airtel, among others. Since his fans across the country highly regard flaqo Raz, he has been able to market the company products to a wide range of individuals.

Online Marketing Influencer

He has taken advantage of his YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms, to market company products to his fans. As a result, the affiliate companies have experienced a high demand for the products, leading to favorable market structure and company growth.

Net Worth Of Flaqo Raz

His net worth has not been brought to the public eye but can be estimated from his comic works on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. His music career has also been a contributing factor to his net worth. The endorsements he received from different companies also grew him financially.


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Online Jobs In Kenya Done By Kenyan Celebrities


Flaqo Raz is highly ranked among Kenyan celebrities in the field of comedy. Other than using his musical talent on his online platforms to make money online in Kenya, he has proven other Legit online jobs in Kenya embraced by most of the celebrities can be among the best online jobs.

Despite the challenges he has had, he has come up with unique strategies on how to make money online in Kenya. His positivity towards life has paused a significant challenge to creative students on how to earn money online by finding online jobs for students among the provided Jobs in Kenya.

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