Flood Lights With Sensors Kenya

Flood Lights With Sensors Kenya

Flood lights with sensors Kenya have become popular for outdoor lighting systems. Having a perimeter wall solar lights or solar security flood lights with motion sensors not only lightens up your premises but helps you detect motion.

Working Principle Of Flood Lights With Sensors

Unlike the regular solar security flood lights that have to be turn on or off manually, flood lights with sensors operate without human intervention once installed.

The solar flood lights with sensors have the capability to switch off automatically during the day when there is too much natural light. The sensor detects darkness and lights up. In addition, during the night the flood lights with sensors do not light continuously.

Rather, when motion is detected by the sensor inside the solar flood lights system causes the flood lights to automatically turn on. Once the motion has completely disappeared such that there is no movement, the lights turn off.

Thus, flood lights with sensor are effective for use as outdoor solar security lights. Besides, ability to light when needed makes the flood lights with sensors energy saving flood lights. The solar lights up when motion is detected allowing you to conveniently move around your premises or detect intrusion.

Types Of Flood Lights Sensors

There are two types of sensors used in flood lights. The choice of sensor to use depends with the functionality desired. Main groups of flood lights sensors include:

1. PIR Motion Sensor

Flood lights with sensors in Kenya that have in built PIR motion sensor allows the solar light to operate based on motion. PIR motion sensor on detection of motion at night automatically lights up and shuts off when motion completely disappears.

As a result, using the alert lighting signal of the flood lights with PIR sensors at night, it is possible to detect intrusion in your premises. Furthermore, as the lights goes on it deters any possible malicious act since the intruder can easily be viewed.

To further boost your premises security systems with motion sensor lights Kenya, installing CCTV cameras can be a great idea. Once motion is detected and the flood lights goes on, a clear image of intrusion can be recorded.

PIR motion sensor price in Kenya can cost as low as Ksh.200 for the solar module alone. Check current prices of PIR motion sensor.

However, a complete solar flood lights with PIR motion sensor in Kenya can cost around Ksh. 2000 for a 30W flood lights. Check current prices for floodlights with motion sensor.

2. Photocell Sensor

Photocell sensor allows automatic switching off flood lights at dawn and automatic lighting up at dusk. Depending on the sensitivity adjustment done on the photocell sensor, the sensor can cause the flood lights to light up at slightest darkness around 6:30 pm and switches off the lights early morning when there is light at around 6:30 am in the morning.

So, having a solar flood lights with photocell sensor makes the light operate without human intervention. You do not have to worry about turning on or off of the lights, the sensor do all the work itself.

Having solar flood lights with both PIR motion sensor and photocell sensor is an added advantage. The hybrid solar flood lights with sensors Kenya makes you benefit from automatic shutting off the flood lights during the day and automatically lighting up when motion is detected during the dark hours.

Check prices for floodlights with sensors.

To get high quality flood light sensors, doing a prior consultation is important. Know the PIR motion sensor prices in Kenya, photocell prices in Kenya, photocell sensor prices Kenya, and flood lights with sensors prices in Kenya. 

Get in touch with an expert now to know all about flood lights with sensors and sensor types including availability of solar flood lights for sale.

Energy Saving Flood Lights with Sensors

Solar energy saving flood lights with sensors save energy buy only lighting when needed. There are various flood lights wattage you can choose from. Flood lights prices in Kenya vary depending with the wattage and functionality of the solar flood lights.

Check prices for energy saving solar flood lights with sensors.

Commonly bought flood lights include

20W LED Flood Light

Generally, the solar light price for a flood light with sensor is much higher that a normal manually operated solar light. 20W flood light has a good illumination within shorter distances. Check price for 20W LED flood light.

LED Flood Light 100W

100 watts solar powered outdoor flood lights with sensor can have either or both PIR motion sensor and photocell sensor. The flood light can be operated with a remote control. Besides, the solar lights are portable and easy to install in whichever location you desire.

LED Flood light 100W price vary depending on sensor mechanism and sometimes brand. Get free advice from out technical consultant. However, you can also check price for 100W solar flood lights.

200W LED Flood Light

Illumination of a 200W solar flight light is much higher than the 100W LED flood light. 200W is a great choice for a large area requiring greater illumination. Check prices for 200W solar flood lights.

Prior placing your orders online, you may require expert advice on the most suitable solar flood lights for your premises especially when you place is a vast area or you need a specialty functionality. For free consultation for any of the flood lights with sensor, simply

Where To Buy Solar Lights Near Me

In some instance, you may wish to buy your flood lights with sensor online. You can consider getting solar flood lights with sensors Jumia Kenya using the listed links above. Solar security light Jumia can be purchased and you wait for your delivery. However, you may not have the privilege to get a live communication with the seller whatsoever.

Thus, giving you an opportunity to speak to an expert concerning any of your desired solar systems for free is our key goal. Technical advice can help you make a good choice when looking for solar flood lights for sale.

Besides, you can manually visit our shop, Powermax, at Spur mall along Thika road for all your solar lights Nairobi needs. Country wide delivery is also done. Reaching out to our consultant in advance prior visiting the shop allows you to maximize on available discounts for solar lights. Get value for your money.

Get in touch for all your solar lights and solar system enquiries today for free. You can visit the shop for live display.

Wrap UP

Flood lights with sensors Kenya are beneficial since they are not only energy saving flood lights, but also are flood lights with motion sensor capability and can automatically power itself. Solar security light Jumia can be purchased online. However, for a one on one expert solar advice, consult our technical team to get best outdoor solar motion sensor flood lights at the best price.

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