Home Pregnancy Test: 4 Simple Tests With Pictures

Home Pregnancy Test

Do you know you already have home pregnancy test kit at your disposa? It very simple to test pregnancy at home. Home pregnancy test can give you an idea of whether or not you are pregnant.

This article explains four ways you use if you are wondering how to check pregnancy at home naturally.

A pregnancy test at home is possible and doable. Sometimes it may cost you nothing since you already have the needed items.

1. Home Pregnancy Test With Sugar

Sugar Pregnancy Test. (Source url)


  • Spoon
  • Sugar
  • A clean clear glass
  • A small clean container for holding urine


Step i: Collect early morning urine in the available clean and dry container.

Step ii: Put 3-4 spoonful of sugar on a glass.

Step iii: Add the urine in the container to the glass with sugar.

Step iv: Wait for results without stirring or whirling

Negative Results

If the results are negative, then the urine should dissolve all the sugar in the glass without leaving clumps.

Positive Results

If the results are positive, the urine will not dissolve the sugar in the glass. Instead, the sugar will clump due to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine.

2. Home Pregnancy Test With Salt

Salt Pregnancy Test. (Source url)


  • Clear glass
  • Early morning urine
  • Salt


Step i: Put a 2-3 tablespoon of Salt in the glass

Step ii: Add a reasonable amount of urine to the mixing glass

Step iii: Wait for a few minutes

Negative results

The solution will become even saltier than before

Positive results

In case the pregnancy is positive, the Salt will react with the urine to form a cloudy solution or cheesy like.

3. Home Pregnancy Test With Vinegar

Vinegar Pregnancy Test. (Source url)


  • White vinegar
  • Early Morning urine sample
  • A clean and dry container to collect urine
  • A clean clear glass


Step i: Put 10ml of vinegar in the glass

Step ii: Add a reasonable amount of urine in the glass bit by bit

Step iii: Wait for about 2-3 minutes.

Negative results

In case the pregnancy turns negative, the original color of the solution does not change.

Positive results

In case the pregnancy is positive, the color of the urine solution will change.

4. Pregnancy Test At Home With Toothpaste

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test. (Source url)


  • Only white toothpaste
  • Early morning urine
  • Spoon
  • Clean glass


Step i: Put 2 tablespoonful of toothpaste on to the clean glass

Step ii: Add tablespoon of urine to the glass and mix

Step iii: Wait for a couple of minutes

Negative Results

In case the pregnancy is negative, the toothpaste will maintain its color hence will not react with the urine. No foam formation.

Positive Results

Toothpaste pregnancy test positive pictures shows presence of foam.

Accuracy Of Home Pregnancy Test

You may be wondering how accurate a home pregnancy test is! It is very normal to question the accuracy since you have not done any medical test. Although the pregnancy test results of home products have been proven over time to be true, there is no scientific backup to verify the test.

In most cases, it is advisable to visit the nearest medical facility to rule out any doubt. You can visit a doctor for blood and urine test. Also, you can get a pregnancy strip from any chemist and do a home pregnancy test yourself.

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