How A Cereals Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

How A Cereals Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

Cereals business in Kenya is among the top lucrative business that a common mwanainchi can venture into. It requires minimum skills and also a minimum capital to run this business.

One should be equipped with the basic skills so as to be able to manage this business until it turns out successful. These skills will help you invest more without losses.

Perhaps you are stranded on how to start business cereal in Kenya. Well I got you covered because this article is rightfully meant for you.

Here are the steps on how a cereals business in Kenya:

1. Create a budget.

2. Obtain a business license.

3. Obtain a strategic place to sale your cereals in wholesale.

4. Identify cereal suppliers.

5. Buy storage facilities.

6. Rent a space

7. Buy your cereals and sell at affordable price which is neither too high nor too low.

Wishing you the very best in your cereal business.

Cost To Start Cereal Business In Kenya

Are you prying to know how much capital to start a cereal shop in Kenya? It requires a minimum capital of Ksh.15,000 to start your cereal business. One will invest more in it  when it turns out successful.

Nyamakima cereals prices in Kenya is cheaper since the market is a wholesesaler if you are in Nairobi, you can consider shopping there.

Wondering how profitable is cereal business in Kenya? Yes, cereal business is a high earning profit business in Kenya due to the minimum competition in the country thus proper marketing of cereals.

Challenges Facing Cereal Business In Kenya

1. Lack of enough capital.

2. Discrimination problems with the city council.

3. Inadequate managerial training.

4. Inadequate marketability of the cereals.

5. Poor storage facilities.


In brief, cereal business is the best business opportunity that one would go for in Kenya due to it’s minimum requirements. Besides, it requires no certification yet one earns more profit. Invest your money in business in order to have a better tomorrow.

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