How Much Does Private Jet Fuel Cost in Kenya

Jets are becoming common in Kenya as a majority of celebrities in the country own them. Besides, there are jets that are used for commercial purposes to transport people and other perishable commodities. For any jet to fly, you must fill its fuel tank with a specific type of jet fuel. The jet fuel supply in aviation has made it a success, and it is also a worthwhile venture for anyone who might be interested.

Are you curious about how much private jet fuel costs in Kenya?

The cost of private jet fuel in Kenya is an average of Ksh 1,000 per gallon. Based on statistics, jet fuel prices have risen recently due to the high demand for jet fuel, yet the supply is super low.

You may also wish to know the price of jet fuel per litre in Kenya, which is an average of Ksh. 650. This jet fuel per litre covers a small distance, therefore jet fuel should be bought in large quantities.

Perhaps you are interested in knowing the highest fuel prices in Kenya, which range from Ksh. Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 700 per litre. These gasoline prices have been increasing since registering a higher increase in the year 2021.

Are you debating jet fuel vs. kerosene? I am going to take you through the pros and cons of each. Jet fuel is more highly refined than kerosene, making it more advantageous. Kerosene can be used to run turbines, but jet fuel is used to run aircraft.


Jet fuel in Kenya is rarely found in the local areas and is mostly found in the aviation centres. Besides, jet fuel is quite expensive compared to other petroleum products. To save on costs, buy jet fuel at an affordable price at airports.

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