How Much Is A Chief Justice Salary In Kenya Now

How Much Is A Chief Justice Salary In Kenya Now

A chief Justice function is to preside over supreme court in its public sessions when the court is hearing arguments.

Did you know that a chief Justice is among the highly paid people in Kenya? Well, now you know. In the history of Kenya, Martha Koome is the first woman to serve as a chief justice.

Since she is the first woman to be the chief justice, there is a clear indication that women also have potential in every job.

This also implies that women should be given opportunities because we are very equal.

Not all jobs should be subjected to men. Male chauvinism should stop and opportunities should be shared equally.

The chief justice also assigns duties to the deputy chief justice. the chief justice is also the president of the supreme court.

The chief justice also links the judiciary to the other arms of government.

Your question may be how much is a chief justice salary in Kenya. A chief Justice salary in Kenya is between Ksh. 990,000- Ksh. 1.3million. that is the chief justice salary in Kenya per month excluding benefits.

I am sure I have answered your question about the salary of a chief justice in Kenya.

Deputy Deputy Chief justice of Kenya

As you know a deputy chief justice is an assistant to the chief justice. the deputy chief justice of Kenya has his/ her own functions too.

The Deputy Chief Justice can perform the administrative and judicial functions of the chief justice.

You now know who is a chief justice and what function they play.

Also, that is the salary of a chief justice in Kenya.

I believe your questions have been clearly answered. Thank you for reading through.

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