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A large percentage of people in the world would like to look good and attractive. However, their financial status might not allow it at times. Here, our main point of interest is mostly the ladies. If you look closely, you will realise that ladies normally have different tastes in different things. This means that they would like to change their appearance more regularly. Hair styles, for instance, don’t stay much longer.

One of the most amazing hair styles is butterfly locks. The majority of women look gorgeous with this type of hair. The butterfly locs might stay for about 4 to 6 weeks while still in good condition. Are you interested to know the cost of butterfly locs in Kenya?

The price of butterfly locs in Kenya costs about Ksh. 2000 on an average. A packet of butterfly locs may vary depending on where you are purchasing it. Besides, if you buy at wholesale, the prices will be lower as compared to retail prices.

How to Do Butterfly Locs

There are a lot of tutorials as well as guides on how to do butterfly locs. For better and higher quality locs, it is recommended that you get them from a legitimate shop and let them be made by experts in that particular field. 

It is also possible to do it yourself (DIY) since it is not complicated as people always think. Just watch video tutorials and you will be good to go.

The question of how to sleep with butterfly locs may be of interest to you. Well, for you to maintain the locs, you will need to wrap them uniformly with a wrapper or a piece of cloth. This will greatly help in terms of maintenance. 


I hope that you have full knowledge of how much butterfly locs cost in Kenya and how to maintain them. If you have been thinking of getting locs, now is the right time to make your purchase without hesitation. An added advantage is that you can save on the cost of making the locs. This is because it is possible to do it yourself.

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