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Epimax cream is a cream that is responsible for dealing with eczema and dry skin. The cream is normally pure, meaning that it doesn’t have any sort of perfume. Also, it has no artificial coloring. The cream is one of the best solutions for your skin since it both nourishes and moisturizes it. The cream, however, has side effects. Irritation and itching are among the side effects of Epimax cream. 

Do you want to know how much epimax cream costs in Kenya? If that is the real case, then worry less.

The cost of Epimax ranges from Ksh.700 to Ksh.2,500 on average. 

Epimaz baby and junior cream price in Kenya is about ksh.2,250 on average for a 400g

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Does Epimax cream lighten skin?

Yes, epimax lightens your skin by restoring its elasticity. 

  • What is epimax cream used for?

Epimax cream is basically used to relieve and soothe dry skin. 

  • Is Epimax cream good for babies?

Yes. Epimax is good for babies. 

You should consider buying Epimax products on wholesale terms. As you know, wholesale prices are quite cheaper as compared to real market prices. Therefore, if you really want to save on the cost, then consider purchasing the product at a wholesale price. 

Get epimax cream for your face today and make your face beautiful and natural. Find the cream at any beauty shop or supermarket near you at very affordable prices. 


That is a quick and brief summary of the cost of epimax, its benefits, uses, and even side effects. Since you have a clear idea on the topic, then go ahead and purchase the product. Let me believe that this review was helpful to you and of great importance too.

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