How Much is Good Conduct in Kenya | Application Requirements

Before receiving good conduct, a thorough search has to be conducted to ensure that one has no criminal record. A certificate of good conduct in Kenya is proof that a person has been disciplined and has not been found guilty of any serious offense. Many jobs in the country will require you to have a certificate of good conduct before you can be hired. 

Having known the benefits of a good conduct, let us now get started by looking at the cost of a good conduct in Kenya.

The cost of a good conduct in Kenya is about Ksh. 1,050 on average. That is the amount charged in order for you to obtain a certificate of good conduct certificate in Kenya. 

How long it take to get good conduct in Kenya? It takes a period of about 1–2 weeks for one to get the certificate after the application.

Online Application of Good Conduct

Visit the eCitizen website. There, you will be able to fill out forms online as well as apply for a certificate of good conduct.

An application letter for a Kenyan certificate of good conduct can be downloaded online and filled in as required. Later on, the letter is to be submitted to the relevant authorities.

Huduma Center Kenya 

You can get a certificate of good conduct from the Kenya Huduma Centre on application. At the Huduma Center, they will cross check that you applied and they will issue you with the certificate. 

Requirements for a Good Conduct

Requirements for a certificate of good conduct include:

  • Original national ID and its photocopy
  • A copy of an invoice.
  • A roll of fingerprints from the local police station. 


That is a brief summary of good conduct, including prices, requirements, and importance. Let me believe that you now have full knowledge concerning the certificate of good conduct. Also, let me hope that this review has helped you find the answers to your questions as required. 

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